Picture of the Amazon Alexa Echo Dot Gen 2 Speaker measurements, perspective.

How to Reset Echo Dot 2 Back to Factory Default Settings

You may decide to sell or give your Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Generation smart speaker to another person. or wish to link it to a different Amazon account, or connect it to a different WiFi network.

To unlink this device from its current Amazon Alexa account, assure that it forgets the WiFi connection information stored within, and to restore the 2nd Generation Dot to factory default (fresh out of the box) values, perform the following procedure.

Note that if you’re just trying to correct erratic behavior of the Echo Dot, a complete factory default reset may not be necessary.  Before resetting, try powering off the unit for fifteen seconds, by disconnecting its USB power cable either from the wall outlet, or from the unit itself.  Wait for a quarter minute, and then connect it back up.  This often restores proper operation. However, if not, read on for the proper hard reset procedure that restores the Dot to factory default parameters.

Once reset, you’ll no longer be able to control the Echo Dot from the account where you controlled it from before, unless you run through the setup procedure again, and relink the Dot to that account via the Alexa app.

Picture of the Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Generation Smart Speaker, Top View
Amazon Echo Dot 2nd Generation Smart Speaker, Top View

1. Attach power cable.  Connect the Dot to its USB power.

2. Press reset Echo Dot button combo.   Once the light ring goes completely dark, press and hold the Microphone Mute and Volume Down (-) buttons simultaneously for approximately five seconds, until the light ring turns orange, and then blue.

3. Wait for reset operation to complete.  After a several-seconds pause, the light ring goes completely dark for a few seconds, and then turns orange.

4. What happens after reset?  Your Echo Dot 2nd Generation smart speaker has now been restored to its factory default settings and has entered setup mode.

5. Pack it up or set it up.  You may now feel free to give your dot to another without fear that they’ll have access to the Alexa settings on your Amazon account.  Or, you can set it up again on your existing account. Once the light ring turns orange, the unit remains in setup mode until someone executes the published setup procedure.  The Dot will not function until properly set up and linked to an Amazon account.

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