Robertshaw 9415 Non Programmable Digital Thermostat Review

We’ve owned the  Robertshaw 9415 Non Programmable Digital Thermostat   for the central heating and cooling system at the homestead since 2004 and replaced it in 2013, not due to failure of the unit or any dissatisfaction with it, but rather, because we wanted to upgrade to a programmable thermostat.

At a cost of approximately $55 from various Internet sellers, this seemed a slightly high price for a manual thermostat. The 9415 does click noticeably as it actuates the various functions of our 2-stage heating, 1-stage cooling American Standard climate control system. However, this was distracting, as this digital thermostat was not located in a bedroom or anywhere else that required absolute quietness.  In summary then, below, we offer our impressions of this Robertshaw product.

Benefits, Features, Advantages, and Pros

Robertshaw’s supplied operating instructions were easy to follow and straight forward, and in fact, are printed on the inside of the little door (front cover) that hides the switches for mode and fan operation.

Installation of the 9415 took under a half hour and required only a Philips screwdriver; we observed the furnace technicians install this unit as they replaced our furnace in 2004.  They found it quite easy to install.  We found it quite easy to uninstall as well.

The 9415 has nine screw terminals inside that supply control for multi-stage heating and cooling systems.  Our climate control system required only six of these.  But hookup was nonetheless a breeze when following the provided installation instructions.

No ground terminal is provided, as this thermostat is packaged in an all-plastic case. Also, this thermostat has no separate mounting plate, which simplifies and shortens installation a bit, although taking it off the wall is a bit harder.

Two-stage heating and one-stage cooling systems supported.

Remembers separate settings for summer and winter modes of operation.

We like the option provided for setting its on and off temperature differential (the difference in degrees between the temperature where the thermostat turns the furnace on, and that where it turns the furnace off).  By default, this is set to 1 degree according to the instructions.

With just three push-buttons (to raise and lower the room temperature set point and to illuminate the back-lit digital display) and two switches (heat, cool, and off mode switch, as well as a fan on-off switch behind a small access door), the Robertshaw 9415 digital thermostat is easy to operate.

The 9415 responds within several seconds when you change the temperature set point, and turns on the heater when you raise the temperature, and turns it completely off when you lower the temperature, until the room temperature falls to the new set point.  The same is true for cooling mode and the central air conditioning.

In terms of comfort, we like the tight temperature control of the 9415, as well as the fact that you can adjust just how tight this temperature control is (temperature differentials).

As the Robertshaw 9415 limits the size of the temperature swings in the room, the savings in heating and cooling bills realized in the eight years that we used this digital thermostat were significant. This is important when paying for electricity to run central air conditioning especially, where the savings can be monumental.

Features a back-lit, green digital display, which enhances ease of reading, even in the dark.

Though manually operated, the 9415 has many features of today’s highly programmable digital thermostats, including short cycle compressor protection, remembers settings through power failures without a battery, and over temperature protection (shuts furnace off if temperature rises too high).

Is a direct replacement for the pre-digital mercury thermostats.

Displays temperatures in user-selectable Fahrenheit or Celsius modes.

Disadvantages, Problems, Limitations, and Cons

You have to press the LIGHT-UP button each time you want to turn on the back light that illuminates the digital display.  I wish Robertshaw had provided an option to keep this LED light always-on; like a digital LED clock.  Since the back light is comprised of a few small LEDs at most, the energy consumption of having this light remain lighted would have been minimal, and meant one less button press anytime you wanted to change the temperature in the dark.

As is true with so many consumer electronics devices nowadays, no audio indication is given on the 9415 when the UP and DOWN temperature buttons are pressed, which can complicate use of this digital thermostat by the blind and vision impaired population. However, with so few controls on the 9415, the absence of sound when pressing the buttons appears to be no big deal.

Not fully accessible to blind and vision-disabled users.

Does not automatically switch from heating to cooling mode.

Our Rating

Overall, though it’s non programmable, we were pleased with the Robertshaw 9415 digital thermostats ease of use and high reliability. The unit worked exactly as described in the accompanying operation manual, and never caused any problems in the eight years we used it.  So, we’d recommend the 9415 if you’re looking for the precision of digital temperature control along with the uncomplicated nature of older, mechanical thermostats.  We rate this thermostat at 93 out of 100.

Where to Buy the Robertshaw 9415 Non Programmable Digital Thermostat

This unit is still appears for sale on eBay now and then.

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