Does Google Home Have Bluetooth

The Google Home smart speaker does not yet offer the ability to act as a Bluetooth speaker.  In other words, you can’t connect your iPad to the Google speaker via Bluetooth and then play music on your iPad and have it come out of the Google speaker.  Nor can you pair an external Bluetooth speaker … Continue reading Does Google Home Have Bluetooth

Google Home Speaker Review

Launched in November of 2016, the Google Home Smart Speaker is a Wi-Fi enabled intelligent speaker, that acts as the front end for Google’s virtual assistant service.  The Home can “hear” your spoken questions and commands, and can speak the answers back to and perform tasks for you. It’s also an internet radio that can play hundreds of internet radio stations from TuneIn, … Continue reading Google Home Speaker Review

Connecting Google Home Speaker to Honeywell Smart Thermostats

We bought a Google Home smart speaker with the Google virtual assistant, and were pleased to learn today, that Google Home now supports connecting our Honeywell  Total Connect Comfort (TCC)  thermostat.  We checked under the smart home devices option in the Google Home App.  Honeywell is now listed there,  and it found our home thermostat we scanned for smart devices on our home network.  No … Continue reading Connecting Google Home Speaker to Honeywell Smart Thermostats