Picture of the original packaging for the Acurite Digital Kitchen Timer, Model 00291E, front view.

Acurite 00291E Kitchen Timer Review

In preps for the extensive cooking that we do over the holidays, we bought an Acurite Digital Kitchen Timer 00291E for approximately $6.  Here are our thoughts and impressions on this highly useful kitchen tool.

While cooking such large-scale meals, we usually have multiple foods baking, boiling, marinating, and simmering at the same time, and we’re only so skilled at starting them all so that they finish precisely at meal time. So, it’s handy to be able to time the cooking of each one separately. Thus, we often have three or four timers counting down at the same time.

Picture of the Acurite Digital Kitchen Timer, Model 00291E, unpacked, front view, held in hand.
Acurite Digital Kitchen Timer 00291E model, unpacked, front view, held in hand.

This Acurite digital kitchen timer 00291E however, simplifies all that.  How?  Well, because it costs so little that having several is not big costly deal.  At under $7 per unit, this single event timer costs no more than other digital kitchen timers we’ve seen. Plus, the Acurite digital kitchen timer 00291E sports a spiffy red, gray, and black case, which compliments the appearance of other appliances in modern kitchens.  It goes well where white or black refrigerators, stoves, and microwave ovens are all the rage.  You can wipe this timer clean with a damp cloth.  Plus, with its magnetic back, it sticks up out of the way during food preparations, on metal refrigerator doors or stove control panels.

Picture of the Acurite Digital Kitchen Timer Model 00291E, package back view.
Back view of the timer.

Acurite Digital Kitchen Timer 00291E Benefits, Pros, Advantages, and Features

Simple Operation

The 00291E baking timer can time out one event at a time.  Dual event timers, while highly useful, tend to suffer from too many controls on the front panel that can confuse cooks and chefs.

Sufficient Length Timed Intervals

The timed interval can be up to ninety-nine minutes and fifty-nine seconds long.

Penetrating Alarm Sound

A distinctive beep sounds when the event time expires.

Large LCD Digital Display on the Acurite 00291E Kitchen Timer

The high contrast readout shows minutes and seconds increasing or decreasing as the timer runs.

Count Up or Count Down Operation

You can set this Acurite digital kitchen timer 00291E to either count down to zero time, or count up to 99:59.

Battery Operated

Requires a single triple-A (AAA) battery, which is provided in the package.

Included Operating Instructions

Comprehensive operating instructions provided on the back of the package. These explain how to program the timer and how to care for and clean the unit.

The Acurite 00291E Kitchen Timer Has a Stopwatch Function

Could be used as a count up stopwatch, if you do not need tenths of a second granularity.  Only whole seconds are displayed.

Minimal Button Compliment

Four large, adequately spaced buttons that feature colored label text that identifies each button’s function, for easy reading. The front panel buttons include the START / STOP and CLEAR.  The side buttons include the MINUTES and SECONDS advance controls.

Successful Activation Tone

This baking timer beeps to signify correct polarity when you insert the AAA battery.

Neutral Colored Case

Fits well in terms of looks, into contemporary stainless steel finished kitchens.

Magnet on Back of the Acurite 00291E Kitchen Timer

Find the single magnet on the rear of the case.  This strong magnet allows the timer to sit on a counter or be stuck on a metal cabinet or refrigerator for easy viewing and operating.  There’s also a supporting stand at the bottom, allowing this timer to stand up vertically without additional support.

Long Time’s Up Alarm Sound

When the entered time expires, the unit beeps for up to a minute to alert you. You silence it by pressing any of the front or side panel buttons.

Fits in Palm of Hand

This Acurite cook timer is designed such that it can be comfortably held in one hand and programmed with the fingers and thumb of that same hand.

Very Light and Portable

Very compact at 3.5 inches long, 3 inches high, and 1-1/8 inches thick.

Multiple Timing Uses

Functions well to time other activities besides cooking. Can be used at the gym while exercising to measure the length of a run, or in the quiet room to let you know when your twenty-minute nap period is up. Highly versatile, and so, not confined to the kitchen uses.

1 Year Limited Warranty

Acurite Digital Kitchen Timer 00291E Disadvantages, Cons, Problems, Limitations, and Concerns

Keep Away from Water

Like most other electronic devices, this digital timer should not be immersed in water or any other cleaning fluids.

No Backlight on the Display

However, the large digit LCD readout has enough contrast that the time left can be seen well even in very dim room light.

Made in China

No Elapsed Time Shown Since Alarm Went Off on the Acurite 00291E Kitchen Timer

Some timers continue counting after the event time expires, allowing you to calculate how much additional time has passed since the alarm.  However, this timer does not keep track of that post event time.

Not Very Blind-User Friendly

It neither speaks, nor offers distinctive button press or mode tones to aid vision impaired users in programming. Of course, for as inexpensive as this Acurite timer is, this lacking is really no lacking at all.

No Internal Clock

This cooking timer does not keep track of the time of day.  Nor can it function as a daily alarm clock.

Times Just One Event at Once

What makes this timer so simple to use also decreases its usefulness in some areas such as multiple cooking event timing.  But as noted earlier, costing so little means that you can buy many of these units if desired, to get as much multiple event timing as you wish.

Our Overall Thoughts on the Acurite Digital Kitchen Timer 00291E

We found this electronic digital timer to be well constructed, sufficiently loud alarm, convenient, and simple to clean up. The magnetic backing helps keep the timer away from food work areas too.  No initial setup required except for inserting the AAA battery.  This is one of the most inexpensive yet also, most useful electronic timers we’ve tested.  So we rate this kitchen timer at 97 out of 100.

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