Auvio 3300352 Earbuds Review

These  Auvio 3300352 Earbuds, Element Headphones, we paid $13 for on sale some years back at Radio Shack (normally $19.99).  They designed these buds  with a great bass response.  And boy, do they have awesome bass!  Not just boomy bass either.

For the notably small size of the ear drivers, you get quite deep tones, down to well below 30 Hz.  No doubt, the acoustical vents, provided precisely for the purpose of enhancing vocal sounds as well as the bass pats of the music, are largely responsible.

In this Auvio® earbuds review, we found that even at medium volume levels, the concussion produced in the ear can startle.  While we do not seek bass per se when searching for the best audio gear, we were quite impressed with this offering from Auvio® Electronics.

Plus, you’d think that with such a good bass response, and given this earphone’s low price, that some other portion of the audio spectrum is only feebly reproduced.  Not so here.  If you discount the extra bass, you have what sounds to be a pretty flat response curve over the entire audio frequency band.  Even the very high frequencies ring true, though perhaps a little subdued at times, as that bass can overpower them at times.

iPods drive these earbuds quite adequately, and can cause concussive pains if you raise the volume too much.  We very much like these headphones, though we would not cry if they toned down the low tones a bit.  We use these phones as replacements for the Apple stock buds.  Not a perfect copy to be sure.  But close enough, and for far less cost.  Though they have more bass than the iPod phones, otherwise, they sound pretty darn good.

Auvio 3300352 Earbuds – Features, Benefits, Pros, and Advantages

Strain Relief Stems

They look a lot like the Pearl Buds we reviewed here, with the exception that these have a stem that routes the cable out through the bottom of each ear speaker.

Easy grip Removal

This stem not only provides a little strain relief for the cords that the Pearl Buds did not have, but also gives you something easy to tug on to remove these buds from your ear without resorting to pulling on the cords themselves.  Nice improvement in these Auvio 3300352 earbuds certainly.

The Auvio 3300352 Earbuds Feature In-Ear Design

These Element earbuds go the whole way into the ear canal  This makes them a bit more invasive than the iPod stock buds or the Philips Earhook Earphones reviewed  here.

Extra Cushions Included

Auvio provides two pairs of different sized tips.  This covers the case where the pre-installed ones do not fit well.  We had to go with the bigger ones with this set. So, it was nice that these came with these Auvio buds.

Cord Manager

They also supply a black storage bracket (called a cord manager) that you can wrap up these buds on for storage, or to take up any extra cord that you do not need in your application.  It has slots at each end to wind the cable on.  Reduces tangling.

Adjustable Y Split

We find a slider at the vertex of the Y, where the single audio cable splits into two separate cables.  You slide this up and down to keep the two legs of the Y from becoming tangled when you don’t need their full spread length.

The Auvio 3300352 Earbuds are Feather-Light

The Auvio 3300352 earbuds are very lightweight and thus, comfortable.

Truly Private Listening

They keep the music in, and undesired outside noise out quite well.  At maximum volume, you only barely hear these drivers across the room.  So, great sound isolation these offer.

Highly Flexible Cable

For an in-ear design, the very thin and flexible cable reduces microphonics to levels well below most moderate volume music.

Reliable Gold Connector

A 3.5mm gold-plated connector is provided. Headphone makers really should offer this standard on all headsets these days.  Why?   Due to the increased longevity and reliability of the connections it affords.

Quick Changing of Ear Cushions on these Auvio 3300352 Earbuds

We swapped the installed, medium-sized ear tips for the larger ones.  These fit better for us.  Changing ear tips took perhaps 20 seconds to do both ears.  So we found the changing much easier on this set than others tested. Auvio supplies instructions for how to swap out the ear tips.


A Ninety (90) day limited warranty.

Sound Transparency

Except for the additional bass, We heard only little sound coloration.   No harshness or unusual resonances either, and only moderate distortion at maximum volume.  This distortion and that was confined to the low frequencies.  Further, it only happened on songs that were either recorded very loudly, or were quite rich with deep, boomy bass.

Great Vocal Reproduction

Speech reproduction is awesome in the Auvio 3300352 earbuds.  Plus, musical rendition also was above our hopes for this headphone, given our experiences reviewing some of the other Auvio® products.  This 3300352 could be their flagship product in our view.

No “Ringing” Heard from these Auvio 3300352 Earbuds

We heard no ringing during abrupt loud-to-quiet transitions in the program audio. So these phones seem well damped.

Ear Speakers Labeled for Correct Stereo Listening

Auvio marked the left and right earbuds with L and R letters respectively.  Find these at the center of the strain relief stem.  But they’re hard to see.  Very small letters.

Plenty Loud and Dynamic

Adequately Long Cable

Just over four feet of cord; enough length for most applications for which this earphone unit is designed.

Highs Surprisingly Clear for the Price

The Auvio 3300352 earbuds reproduced pretty well the high frequencies in Madonna’s Material Girl song.  Ding ding!  A little muted, true, as compared to our HD 650 headphones.  But surprisingly, we noted little treble roll-off.

The Speakers on these Auvio 3300352 Earbuds Fit Equally Well in Either Ear

You can swap the left with the right ear piece without any loss of comfort or proper fit.  These drivers appear identical in shape.

Auvio 3300352 Earbuds Specs

  • Frequency response: 20 – 20,000 Hz.
  • Sensitivity: 105 DB, plus or minus 3 DB.
  • impedance: 17 ohms.
  • RoHS compliant.

Auvio 3300352 Earbuds Disadvantages, Cons, Limitations, and Problems

Stems Extend Too Far

Not comfortable to lay on, with one ear to the pillow, as the stems extend outside the ear.

No Carrying Case

But as mentioned above, the Auvio 3300352 earbuds do have a cord manager bracket.

Strain Relief Sleeves Seem Too Rigid

We find the strain relief stems a bit inflexible. So, we feel that these would likely not protect the cable from failure due to pulling, bending, flexing, or twisting.

Specs Incomplete

How about some harmonic distortion figures, please.

No Microphone

Our Rating for the Auvio 3300352 Earbuds

For a $13 ear bud set, these are an excellent purchase. We found few bad things to say about these Auvio® Element earbuds.  We quite enjoy them.  Ironic, given their modest cost.  These definitely qualify as high fidelity audio equipment.   So I’d rate them at 98 out of 100.

Where to Buy Auvio 3300352 Earbuds

Check them out at Radio Shack, either in a store or online.  But they’re also available on Amazon and eBay.  Look for them in the clear plastic heat-sealed box with blue insert cards showing through the plastic that describe these great-value-for-the-dollar ear buds.

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