Belkin PureAV Surge Protector Power Strip Review

We review here the Belkin PureAV surge protector.  Now we’ve owned a couple of these Belkin PureAV surge protector power strips since the mid 2000s. We have seen them “kicking in” during thunderstorms. But we have yet to lose any device plugged into them. So, overall, this a great product. It does what it claims to do.

Belkin PureAV Surge Protector Overview

Close by lightning strikes, motor startups, or most any source of power spike  don’t seem to get through.  So we know that the PureAV power strip works.  It quickly snapped off the power, and probably saved us thousands of dollars over the years.  When the surges pass, simply flip the power button OFF then back ON to restore power.  The heavy metal case and plenty long power cable shout quality and durability.

Indeed, the Belkin PureAV surge protector for home theater systems is a high-end power strip.  Why? Because it not only protects against voltage spikes and electrical noise in the power line. But it also cuts inter-device noise transfer, between devices.  The unit has ten 120-volt AC outlets, arranged into five banks of two. Further, each bank has hefty choke coils, capacitors, and spike filters. Thus, each outlet bank is “isolated” from all the others in terms of enoise and hash.

This PureAV surge protector stops most voltage spikes or noise from one device from reaching any other.  An on-board circuit breaker watches the power line for current overloads. It then cuts power to the whole strip if it sees any.  Plus, three LED status lamps show any problems with either the PureAV or the feeding power system.

Belkin PureAV Surge Protector Benefits, Pros, Features, and Advantages

Power Filter Technology

Reduces line noise from the external power line from reaching connected equipment via this power strip.  E.g. Vacuum cleaners and drills will likely no longer interfere with your TV when you connect it through this noise filter.

Fast Response Circuit Breaker

Part of the power switch, this current limiting device “trips out” during over-current or power surge conditions.  Reset it by flipping the power switch off, waiting some seconds, and the flipping back on.  Large surges though, may heat the unit slightly. So you might have to wait for it to cool for a few minutes before the reset will “hold.”

The Belkin PureAV Surge Protector Guards Phone Line Also

At the far end of this device from the power cord, we have one input RJ-11 phone line port. There are also two outputs.   Now voltage spikes and lightning can indeed enter through phone wires too. So the PureAV offers surge protection for phone lines as well.

Protects Cable TV Coax Line Too

Two gold-plated female F connectors near the phone line ports allow low-loss protection for the line from your cable company. Thus, the PureAV stops most any surges that enter through that path as well.

Five Levels of Surge Protection

Each two-outlet bank contains its own surge filtering circuits. They daisy-chain it to the next one as well. This way, the higher the level, the greater the protection.  The electricity passes through four prior banks in the chain before reaching  bank five.  So plug your most costly AV devices into the Level 5 outlets. These are the ones farthest from the power switch.

The Belkin PureAV Surge Protector has Ten Widely Spaced AC Outlets

Enough power ports for a DVR, TV, blu ray player, gaming console, AV receiver, and audio amps.  Plus, Belkin did not crowd the outlets together.  Even large “wall wart” power adapters fit, side-by-side into adjacent plugs on this power strip.

Status Lamps

There’s a yellow protection-on, a green line-ok, and a red line-fault LED.  Normally, the green and yellow lamps glow when you turn on the PureAV.

Lighted Power Switch

There’s also a neon pilot lamp in the power switch itself. This lasts for years of 24 X 7 operation without failing.

Long, Durable Power Cord on the Belkin PureAV Surge Protector

The cord is approximately twelve feet long and heavy duty, yet flexible. Its insulation resists dirt, grease, and oil.

Cord Keeper

Three “ribs” on the sides of the PureAV allow wrapping of much of the length of the power cable.  The cord is round and fits well into these channels.  Press it in, and it locks into place.  This storage holds the cable until you pull it out again.

Right Angle Flat Plug

The power cord exits the wall plug, parallel to the wall.  It does not jut out at right angles to the wall.  This helps prevent accidental unplugging due to someone knocking out a protruding plug from the wall in passing. Nor does the cord hang straight down, but points off at an angle to the right; again, parallel to the wall.  This prevents the power cable from hanging down in front of the outlet below; potentially limiting easy access to it.

Rugged Case

The thick black metal case provides shielding for the parts inside. This cuts the chances of this power strip picking up EMI or RFI.

The Belkin PureAV Surge Protector Offers High Surge Handling Capacity 

Can absorb 4720 Joules.

$350,000 Connected Equipment Warranty

Problems, Cons, Disadvantages, and Concerns


The Belkin PureAV surge protector costs more per outlet than most other power strip surge suppressors.  We paid anywhere from $80 to $120 apiece for ours.  But the tank-like aluminum chassis and the thousands of joules of spike removal well justifies the higher price.

The Belkin PureAV Surge Protector is Heavy

The PureAV, along with its power cable weighs over four pounds; a cost of the solid, sturdy construction perhaps.  So transporting more than a few of these around, particularly in mobile DJ applications, can quickly become a nuisance.

Can Hum and Buzz

The type and extent of power load can produce a humming, buzzing sound from The Belkin PureAV surge protector.  Dimming lamps or high current loads, seem to make the hum louder.  But we’ve only seen this in a couple of our copies. Plus, even when it occurs, any buzz is not that loud.

Our Rating on the Belkin PureAV Surge Protector

We haven’t found this PureAV power strip brand new lately, although we would buy more of the same. Ten outlets seems to be plenty for most home theater setups. This is enough outlets for TVs, DVRs, Blu Ray players, VCRs, and AV receivers.  The PureAV is useful any place you need lots of highly surge protected outlets.  We use ours for audio systems, mobile disc jockey setups, home theaters.

When you not sure of the power quality at a site, take the Pure AV with you.  It will show if an outlet wrongly wired. Plus, it guards against rogue surges.  The PureAV is useful insurance for your delicate home theater equipment.  Our only regret about the PureAV, is that Belkin no longer makes it.  But you can find it on eBay.  We rate it at 99 out of 100.

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