Best Ear Plugs for Sleeping and Snoring

For the most quiet and restful sleep in noisy environments, we strongly recommend the Mighty Plugs beeswax ear plugs from Beneficial products.  We’ve found these ear plugs the most effective aid, dollar for dollar, drastically reduce conversation and snoring from the other campers in the cabin.  We’ve tried numerous other DIY molded, self-shaping, and pre-shaped ear plugs during our thirty-five years of big-city living, in close quarters with frequently noisy neighbors and roommates.  But none work better than the BPI Mighty Plugs earplugs.  When inserted properly, these cotton-impregnated earplugs all but stop any noises entering the head through the ear canal including snoring, yawning, lip smacking, and other sleep-related sounds from friends and lovers nearby.  We just love these plugs.  By far, they’re the best pair of earplugs to combat noise that would otherwise ruin a good night’s sleep.

Picture of a pair of Mighty Plugs beeswax and cotton ear plugs, balled up, held in hand.
Mighty Plugs beeswax and cotton ear plugs, balled up, held in hand.


Even at summer camp, in a cabin with five other snoring campers, we had no trouble getting to sleep wearing these BPI earplugs.  Now we could still hear the snoring and occasional door slams and shouts, but at such a reduced, whisper-level volume that sleep still came easily and quickly, and it remained the whole night through.  Definitely a tool that will help save your marriage if you’re fighting with your mate due to his snoring.  If you can’t eliminate snoring at the source, then Mighty Plugs are the next best thing for dealing with it.  These are among the most effective sleep aides we know.  Forget the sleeping pills! Who needs ’em, when you have the high DB noise reduction of wax ear plugs?

After growing used to them, we found them quite comfortable; almost as though there was nothing in the ears at all.  They don’t interfere with sleep once you get used to wearing them, and we got used to them within a week.

Inserting and removing the Mighty Plugs is quick and painless once we took some days to develop the skill of putting them in and taking them out.  So, with little effort, even when tired, you can have them installed in your ears within seconds.  Putting them in does not chase away the sleepy feelings prior to bed.   And, one very nice thing about beeswax ear plugs, is that they stay put in the ear all night long, through even the most agitated sleeping, unlike the foam ear plugs, that pop out all too frequently.  You’ll likely never awaken during the night with your companion’s snoring blasting in your ears because your ear plugs fell out.

Picture of BPI Mighty Plugs Ear Plugs in supplied plastic case and jar.
BPI Mighty Plugs Ear Plugs in supplied plastic case and jar.


Because of how easily they can be molded with just the warmth of your hands, Mighty Plugs ear plugs can be fashioned to fit the unique curves and crevices of most any male or female ear, large or small,  of the individual person wearing them.  This further increases the degree and reliability of their effectiveness, which means that again, you’ll be sleeping much better with than without them.

The louder the snoring, the better these plugs knock it down.  These beeswax and cotton ear plugs attenuate those loud and sudden bed noises such as the squeaks and creaks heard as people turn over or get up for a potty break.  They’re great too, when a roommate insists on having a radio softly playing all night.  As long as the music is not too loud, these plugs will attenuate it enough so that it will not be bothersome.

They’re Reusable.  You can use these repeatedly each night for a month or more.  But once they become too small to adequately shield you from distractive and unnerving noises during sleep, don’t throw them away!  Combine two or more plugs together to make one full-sized ear plug, just like you would mold  dough.  Warming them for a few seconds in the microwave softens them such they they’re quite easy to work with.


Picture of BPI Mighty Plugs Ear Plugs, back view, showing usage directions.
BPI Mighty Plugs Ear Plugs, back view, showing usage directions.


We highly recommend Mighty Plugs Ear Plugs for any sleep situation either indoors or outdoors.  They’re simple to insert and remove, last through perhaps thirty to forty applications each, and they’ve helped save our sanity in noisy living environments since 2007.  Indeed, they’re the best sleeping and snoring reusable earplugs we’ve ever used.

Look for the best sleeping earplugs on the official Might Plugs site, or at, or other online vendors, and get that good night’s sleep that’s becoming so elusive for many these days due to ambient noise pollution.  Shut out that incessant din with these ear plugs.  While no ear plug can stop all noise from entering the ears (especially that which enters through the surrounding skull area), Mighty Plugs Ear Plugs definitely reduce most common noise pollutants from entering via the ear canal, which wins practically all the battle against those irritating and distracting sounds.



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