Picture of a pair of Mighty Plugs beeswax and cotton ear plugs, balled up, held in hand.

Best Earplugs for Music Concerts and Musicians

We’ve used these   Mighty Plugs Earplugs   from  Beneficial Products Incorporated (BPI) at numerous music concerts, including Rod Stewart, Heart, and Aerosmith.  We found them to be the most effective concert goer’s ear protection  for the money; better than anything else we tested.  They  dramatically reduced harshly loud, distorted noises from the from the stage and audience, including highly distorted electric guitars, microphone feedback, overly driven PA speakers, and excess crowd noise.  We’ve sampled numerous other DIY molded, self-shaping, and pre-shaped ear plugs during our thirty plus years of attending rock concerts.  But none have worked better than the BPI Mighty Plugs earplugs.  When inserted properly, Mighty Plugs notably attenuate noises several tens of decibels, entering the head through the ear canal including concussive drum strikes, squealing mics, screaming fans, and piercing party noise makers. Thus, these beeswax earplugs can head off the potentially damaging sounds so frequently found in concert venues, for both the audience and the musicians performing the music.  A rock concert is perhaps the best test of how effective a pair of ear plugs is, and Mighty Plugs passed it with flying blue color (these plugs are blue).

Picture of BPI Mighty Plugs Ear Plugs in supplied plastic case and jar.
BPI Mighty Plugs Ear Plugs in supplied plastic case and jar.


After growing used to them at concerts and loud dance halls, we found them quite comfortable; almost as though there was nothing in the ears at all once inserted.  Musicians too, report that these wax ear plugs stay put in the ear, even with extensive head shaking and banging, and reduce the sounds on the stage by several tens of decibels.

Inserting and removing the Mighty Plugs is quick and painless once we took some days to develop the skill of putting them in and taking them out.  Musicians can pop them out and put them back in with ease in between musical sets, and once fashioned to the ear at the beginning of a concert, they can press them back in, in just a couple seconds just prior to the next set performance beginning.

Beneficial Products Inc. says that these beeswax plugs have a shelf life of twenty years and can be worn thirty or forty times before replacement.  We’ve worn ours way more than that, close to a hundred times without any noticeable reduction in sound-reducing effectiveness. It’s time to replace them, or at least, add to them, when they become too small (from slow erosion of the beeswax due to repeated insertions and removals).  They wear down quite slowly if handled gently and subjected to little abrasion.  They likely will not last musicians as long, since the performer takes them out and puts them back in many more times than the casual consumer would.

Mighty Plugs can be shaped and hand molded to fit the unique curves and crevices of each concert goer’s ear.  This further increases the degree and reliability of their effectiveness; something that gives musicians and fans peace of mind.  You’d hate to be stuck in the middle of a raucously loud concert without decent hearing protection gear.  Once inserted, the seal these plugs form with the ear generally remains intact until you remove them.

Even at the louder heavy-metal style rock concerts, in arenas with tens of thousands of screaming groupies, we never experienced any sound there that was so loud as to hurt our ears while wearing the Mighty Plugs.  Now we could still hear the performance quite well while wearing these earplugs, but at a very comfortable volume; though without the plugs, the volume was excruciatingly loud.  Definitely a device that will help save your hearing if you are, to any degree, a regular attendee of loud rock concerts.

The louder the music, the better these earplugs reduce it.  The combination of beeswax and cotton in these BPI ear plugs attenuate those loud and sudden noises such as what’s heard when a guitarist forcibly and abruptly strums an electric guitar on stage, and you happen to be sitting right in front of the PA speakers.  Those who are the closest to very loud sound sources benefit most from this wax-cotton composition of Mighty Plugs ear plugs.

As noted earlier, most fans and performers can use these repeatedly for a month or more.  But once they become too small to adequately protect your ears from way loud and unnerving noises, don’t toss them out!  You can roll two or more of them together like you would two pieces of clay, to make one full-sized ear plug.

Picture of BPI Mighty Plugs Ear Plugs, back view, showing usage directions.
BPI Mighty Plugs Ear Plugs, back view, showing usage directions.


So, we highly recommend Mighty Plugs Ear Plugs to our musically minded readers.  They’re pretty easy to insert and remove, last through perhaps fifty applications each, and they’ve helped save our ears from permanent hearing loss at musical concerts since 2007.  Your ears will not be ringing for two days after a concert if you wear these there.

Look for BPI beeswax earplugs on the official Might Plugs siteamazon.com, or other online vendors, and enjoy the benefits of truly decent ear protection that’s so elusive for many these days in light of prolific noise pollution.  Shut out that incessant din with these ear plugs.

While no ear plug can stop all concert sounds from entering the ears (especially that which enters through the surrounding skull area), Mighty Plugs Ear Plugs definitely reduce most common loud music sound from entering via the ear canal, which wins practically all the battle against those irritating and distracting sounds.



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