Picture of the Gearmo® 10-Port Smart USB Charger, ICS-10P-HO, operating, with some cords connected.

Best iPhone iPad Charging Station: Gearmo Charger

The Gearmo® 10 Port High Output USB Charger is, we feel, the best iPad and iPhone charging station.  Why?  Because it has max current charging from each of its ten high current 2.4A USB ports at the same time.  We’ve used this ipad and iphone charger for nearly three years now.  And, the only issue so far: One port stopped sending full current after a few years.  So, iPads plugged into this USB port (port 1) no longer charge well.  But all the others work fine.

Best iPhone iPad Charging Station Intro

Indeed this iPad charging station for multiple iPads charge as many as ten of these most power hungry tablets. It also charges radios, and Bluetooth speakers together. Plus, you can run your Alexa Echo Dot and Google Home Mini speakers from it as well.  The current drawn from one port does not lower current the other ports output.  Thus, the ports do not affect each other.

Gearmo built this AC charger, made in China, from thick black plastic. It has a pilot lamp, power switch, and a well-insulated removable power cable with a non polarized plug.  It looks like a large notebook power adapter.  A difference is that they replaced the DC output cable with a sleek row of ten USB ports.

The Gearmo® USB charger replaces up to ten of those old-fashioned wall wart chargers.  So it saves you lots of space on your outlets and power strips. It converts one 120-volt outlet into ten 5 volts USB power ports. This gets rid of the need for those single-device USB chargers. At roughly $30 per copy, the Gearmo AC charger is a great value. Anyone charging up to ten mobile devices at a time should get this iPad charger.

Picture of the Gearmo® 10 Port Smart AC Charger, Model ICS-10P-HO, package front view.
Gearmo® 10 Port Smart AC Charger, Model ICS-10P-HO, package front view.


Picture of the Gearmo® 10-Port Smart USB Charger, ICS-10P-HO, operating, with some cords connected.
Gearmo® 10-Port Smart USB Charger, ICS-10P-HO, operating, with some cords connected.

What Makes this Gearmo Ten Port USB Charger the Best iPad and iPhone Charging Station

Outer Features

Attractive, Long Lasting Plastic Case

The thick black plastic enclosure has non skid rubber feet.  Reduces sliding off of tables, shelves, and such.


This iPhone charging station works well in classrooms for charging student phones and tablets.  Plus, it’s great  at home, where bustling families charge many mobile devices daily.

Easily Seen Pilot Lamp on the Best iPhone iPad Charging Station

The green LED power light, when on, shows that this iPad and iPhone charging station is working.

Silent Operation

While plugged in, the ICS-10P-HO iPhone charging dock for multiple phones makes little noise, hash, squeals, hums, or sizzles. You may hear a low-level hum or clicking, but only when holding it very close to an ear.

Efficient Space Use

This iphone chager is about the same size and weight that we’d expect for similar devices providing this much charge current.

The Best iPhone iPad Charging Station Has a Low Profile yet Effective Design

With just power a switch on the side, there’s little complexity to operating this charger.  It’s simple to set up and use.

Not a Wall Wart

Does not hang from a wall outlet.  Unlike the usual wall wart ipod chargers, this desktop charger station sits on the floor or table. Plus, the nearly five feet long power cord reaches many places.

About the AC Power Cord on the Best iPhone iPad Charging Station

Detachable 120-volt Power Cable

A removable cord we prefer for a charging device to provide this, because the cord can be user-replaced if damaged.

Polarized Two-Prong Plug

The mains power plug fits a 120-volt outlet one way only. This raises user safety against electrical shock.

Correctly Sized Wall Plug

The 120-volt AC plug is a normal size. So, even with the tightest spaced outlets, this plug takes just one outlet slot. Gearmo placed the bulk of this ipod charger well away from the AC plug area. Nice.

About the USB Output Ports

Well Regulated Output

We saw no loss in charging speed, whether charging  one USB device, two, three, or all ten.

All high Amp USB Power Ports

The ten USB ports are electrically identical to one other. So do not worry about matching high current devices with the correct ports on this iPod nano charger. All ports deliver the highest USB 2.0 current when needed.  Thus, whether an iPhone or iPad, you’ll get the best charging for that device.  No matter what port you plug it into, your iPhone will charge just as fast.

Lower Current Mobile Devices Work as Well

All ports can also charge normal current draw phones and tablets too. They set their current output on the fly, based on device needs. In other words, they match the device charging needs connected to each port.  All these ports are smart USB ports.

Works with Most USB Devices

Tested this iPad and iPhone charging station with the 3rd generation iPod Touch, iPad Air, Kindle Fire HDX, and Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 tablets. All of these charged quickly. We felt no excess heating of the charger.  But it did run lukewarm.

Tight and True USB Ports

The USB ports really grab inserted plugs. Plugs stay put.

Smart Charging Support

Each port set their power output to match any USB device you have.  This feature alone makes this Gearmo product one of the best iPod Nano chargers we’ve ever used.

Over Current Protection

This iPod Touch charger shuts down a port if it detects a short circuit on the USB cable.  It never puts too much current into your delicate iPod Touch and iPhone devices.

All current USB Power Specs Supported

Charges USB 1.1, 2.0 and 3.0 devices.

Charger Operation Characteristics

Cool, Fanless Operation

The hard plastic case stays cool to warm to the touch, even when fully loaded.  Even when all ten ports have thirsty devices charging through them, the unit does not get hot. Neither did we hear any fans come on inside. No need for fans.  This Gearmo iPad and iPhone charging station remained just slightly warm with no fan assistance.

Low RFI and EMI

We observed no objectionable electrical noise, EMI, or RFI generated by the ICS-10P-HO. Radios and televisions continued playing normally, even with this iPad and iPhone charging station plugged into the same outlet.

Excellent Power Regulation

Includes a well-regulated, switching power supply, that draws a maximum of 2.4 amps from the mains. Maximum output power is 120 watts (twelve watts per port).

Easy to Use

Connect the AC power cord to the ICS-10P-HO.  Then plug the other end into mains power. Finally, plug the USB cords for all your USB devices into this charger. This iPad and iPhone charging station monitors the charge state of each connected device.  Then, it constantly adjusts the current as the battery charges.  When charging completes, this charger shuts off the current when each battery is full.

No Moving Parts

This thing is all electronic; no motors, fans, buzzers, or anything mechanical except for the rocker power switch.

Inexpensive for this Many USB Charge Ports

At about $30, this Gearmo® USB charger is quite affordable.  Indeed, it offers among the cheapest costs per high quality port of any currently available USB charger.

Easily Found Online

We bought ours at Amazon.com.

Picture of the Gearmo® 10-Port iPad and iPhone charging station, Model ICS-10P-HO, bottom view, showing the specifications label.
Gearmo® 10-Port iPad and iPhone charging station, Model ICS-10P-HO, bottom view, showing the specifications label.


Picture of the best iPad and iPhone charging station. That's the Gearmo® 10-Port Smart AC Charger, Model ICS-10P-HO, showing power switch and mains connector.
Gearmo® 10-Port Smart AC Charger, Model ICS-10P-HO, showing power switch and mains connector.


To get the highest current (fastest) charging out of this iPad and iPhone charging station, you’ll need USB cables that can carrying 2.4 amps (high current cables). Very thin or long cables may not provide the most rapid charging.

So, keep in mind that high current capability does not necessarily imply faster charging times.

This is an indoor device. Keep it away from heat, rain, excessive humidity, and vibration in order to maximize its life. Avoid operating this charger where you spill liquids often. The enclosure may admit liquids into its interior, causing perhaps permanent malfunction, shock hazards, or even fire.

Being that this iPad and iPhone charging station has a switching power supply design, it may interfere with nearby radios, TVs, and computing devices. If that occurs, relocate either the ICS-10P-HO itself, or the devices with which it is interfering.  We’ve never experienced this interference however.

Note that this is a USB charger, NOT a USB hub, even though it looks like a hub. While it may be a charging hub, it’s not a data exchange hub.  That is, it does not move data. It just supplies high grade USB power to attached devices.

Picture of the Gearmo® 10-Port iPad and iPhone charging station, ICS-10P-HO, removable power cord.
Gearmo® 10-Port iPad and iPhone charging station, ICS-10P-HO, removable power cord.

Specifications of the Gearmo iPad and iPhone Charging Station

  • Model: ICS-10P-HO
  • Input: AC 100-130 volts at 2.4 amps.
  • Output 5 volts DC at 2.4 amps X 10, or 120 watts.
  • Product measures 156 X 109 X 32mm.
  • Product weight: 425g, or around 15 ounces.
  • Protection function: OCP, OVP, SCP, and OTP.
  • Standby power draw: Less than or equal to 0.3 watts.

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