Picture of an aerosol can of Blaster Graphite Dry Lube, showing the front panel.

Blaster Graphite Dry Lube Spray Review

We’ve stocked  Blaster   lubricants in our workshop for years. A while back, we bought a 6-ounce can of    Blaster Graphite Dry Lube Spray. We wanted to..

  • Lubricate locks and keys.
  • Quiet squeaky space heaters.
  • Silence squawky doors and their hinges.
  • Smooth grinding glider rocking chair bearings.

This lube is quite thin, unlike greases we’d tried prior.  So it works its way into those hard-to-reach crevices on sealed bearings. Plus, since the active agent is graphite, it never dries out; at least, not once the aerosol propellant evaporates.  Once applied and after drying, the graphite herein forms a dry film and sticks well to wherever you apply it.

Picture of an aerosol can of Blaster Graphite Dry Lube, showing the front panel.
Blaster Graphite Dry Lube Spray, 6 Oz. can, showing the front panel.

Benefits, Pros, Features, and Advantages of Blaster Graphite Dry Spray Lube

Resists Water

Indeed, this spray leaves a dark gray graphite film behind.  However, it can over time be washed away with heavy water exposure.  Thus this is a highly versatile, one-stop lubricant which is applicable in many home as well as industrial applications.

Holds Up Under Temperature and Humidity Extremes

It’s a heat-resistant, moisture resistant aerosol grind reducer, which made it ideal for use in   Fixing Squeaking Glider Rockers,  even better than oils and greases in the bearings, as well as the hinges on our balcony sliding glass doors .  Lowered sliding noises and freed up stubborn doors, making them slide on their tracks.

Blaster Graphite Dry Lube Stops Squeaks

Effectively silences squeaks on both indoor and some outdoor appliances.  Effectively loosens “frozen” barbecue grill wheels. We suggest using Blaster dry graphite lube spray only on outdoor equipment that’s out of  rain.  Indeed, water flow across so treated surfaces can shorten the life of this lube. It washes it away  after a while.

Lowers Friction

Extends the life of so-coated parts (such as ball bearings), by reducing friction and wear.  Can really speed up roller skates and rollerblades. Plus, doors open with a smoother motion when you lube their hinges with Blaster Graphite Dry Lube.

Many Jobs from One Can

A single 6-ounce can of this Blaster lubricant goes a very long way around house, parking lot, and shed.  We’ve had our can for over two years now. We use it often on storm window tracks, door hinges, table wheels, et al. But the can is still almost full.

Thus, not only does it supply long-lasting lubrication. But you use so little graphite for each job.  So one can may last your entire home ownership, even if you live there for decades.  So Blaster dry spray graphite lube may qualify more as a tool than a supply.  Indeed, the can lasts longer than some tools we had over the years.

Blaster Graphite Dry Lube Sticks Where you Spray It

Strong adhesion to most metals, woods, plastics, and rubbers. It does not oxidize.  Graphite remains graphite virtually forever.

Fights Wear on Moving Parts

So treated parts that normally rub together wear out far less often.

Fast Drying

After application it dries in less than 45 seconds.  So you needn’t wait long to begin using your so-lubed appliances, and begin using most of them immediately in fact.

Decent Price

We paid approximately six dollars for this lubricant spray, an agreeable amount then.  It still costs about this much.

Long Lasting

Works much longer than thinner oils and greases. Even outdoor parts on farm tractors work better for many weeks after treatment. Keep outdoor items out of the rain for best results.

Disadvantages, Cons, Problems, and Limitations of Blaster Graphite Dry Lube Spray

Hard Can Shaking Needed

You should shake the can profusely before applying, as the graphite quickly settles to the bottom.

Highly Flammable While Spraying

And, speaking of propellants, the label says that this spray employs a highly-flammable propellant.  Seems like they could have used a less volatile gas.  So take great care. Do not store or spray near open flames, sparks, arcs, or grindstones.

Blaster Graphite Dry Lube Creates Strong Fumes

This propelled graphite has a very strong odor before it dries; particularly when you initially apply it to hot surfaces, as in the element-retaining brackets in electric baseboard heaters.  So we recommend lubing only in well-ventilated areas.  Also, to minimize odor, allow it to completely dry before heating or otherwise working treated devices.

Not for Precise Lubing

The black spray stream can be obnoxiously strong and thus hard to control in small places.  You squirt it from too far away, and the stream spreads out. It saturates much more area around the target joint than often needed.  So, spraying into small areas often creates a gray powdery mess. So most of the graphite you must wipe away, thus wasting it.  Yes. Most of the excess comes off of hard surfaces by wiping it up with a damp paper towel. But you’d likely want to use a non spray slicking agent such as powdered graphite on very small parts.

Easy to Lose the Spray Straw

Blaster supplies a single straw with each can. But these are not permanently attached. So, they are are easy to lose long before you use up the whole can.

Hard to Clean Up

The dark gray stains of graphite can result. This product can ooze or splatter. These are hard to get off of porous materials like wood and cloth.  So, aim and spray this lube with care.  If you don’t, you could create a longer cleanup job for yourself.

Uses for Blaster Graphite Dry Lube

This dry graphite lube stops binding and rough grinding sounds in the following places…

  • Garage doors.
  • All door hinges in the home.  It works on appliance doors on refrigerators, freezers, microwave ovens, and basement coal bin hatches.
  • Squeaking electric baseboard heaters.
  • Hinges, chains, and pulleys on lawn swings, baby swings, and cradles.
  • Furniture rollers and casters.
  • Glider rocking chair bearings and joints.
  • Sliding windows and glass balcony doors.  We’ve sprayed this on the tracks, both top and bottom. Then these windows got much easier to slide open and closed.  But we avoid spraying on the window’s vinyl surfaces, as the graphite can stain them black.
  • Fans of any size, that feature either ball or sleeve bearings.  Works well in either case. Blaster Dry Lube Spray frees up rough or labored blade spinning. So it saves energy, wear, and lowers heat output from the fan motor.
  • Loosens up hose reels and keepers.  Makes them easier to crank and wind up. It resists dirt buildup inside moving parts.

Our Rating for Blaster Graphite Dry Lube

We’re pleased with Blaster Graphite Dry Lube, except for its strong and flammable fumes.  It works well and long; and is long lasting in many scenarios; like when lubing bearings that are later tightly covered.  The off-putting smell set aside, we’d rate it at 90 out of 100.

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