Amazon Echo Gen 2 Smart Speaker Picture Gallery

We’ve taken many pictures of the Amazon Alexa Echo Generation 2 smart speaker, its accessories, and even the original packaging, for the various posts we’re writing about this intelligent speaker.  We’ve put all those photos together here in one place, for quick and easy viewing and perusing. Echo Gen 2 Speaker Packaging Pictures     … Continue reading Amazon Echo Gen 2 Smart Speaker Picture Gallery

Outdoor Christmas Light Decorating Ideas Pictures

Here we share outdoor Christmas light decorating ideas pictures of some of our outdoor holiday light ideas here. Why?  Because we wish to suggest some possibilities for your next Christmas decorating project with lights. We illustrate some of the many types of LED lights available too.  Finally, we provide general decorating and safety tips for all decorating with Xmas … Continue reading Outdoor Christmas Light Decorating Ideas Pictures

Honeywell Dial Thermostat Pictures

Here, we record the pictures that detail our experiences with installing, testing, and reviewing Honeywell dial thermostats. Honeywell T87N1026 Large Dial Thermostat     Related Posts Honeywell T87N1026 Large Dial Thermostat Review How to Calibrate Honeywell Thermostat Temperature, RTH9580WF Honeywell Thermostat Not Cooling Down, How to Fix Troubleshooting Honeywell Thermostat WiFi Problems RTH9580WF Honeywell Thermostat … Continue reading Honeywell Dial Thermostat Pictures

Honeywell Thermostat Pictures Gallery

We’ve owned several Honeywell thermostats over the past decade, and have written extensively about them.  In this album, we’ve catalogued all the pictures we’ve taken of these various thermostats. Honeywell RLV310A Thermostat Pictures Honeywell RTH7600D Thermostat Pictures Honeywell RTH8580WF Thermostat Pictures                             Honeywell … Continue reading Honeywell Thermostat Pictures Gallery