CBS Streaming Video Fails to Play in IE

The Problem: CBS Streaming Video Fails to Play

CBS streaming video on the CBS web site fails to play in Internet Explorer 11.  E.g. Clicking on an episode, instead of playing it, invites you to install Flash player.  You get this, even though you already have the latest version of Flash on your computer.  We have seen this on Windows 7 64-bit computers. We find that one or more of the fixes below, often solves this problem.

Possible Solutions for when CBS Streaming Video Fails to Play

Reinstall the Flash Player

1. Firstly, Uninstall All Flash Versions from your Computer

Do this by bringing up the Control Panel.

The go into the Uninstall Program app.

Find the Flash Player app in the list of apps.

Press the Uninstall button and follow any instructions.

2. Secondly, Install the Latest Flash Player Version

Get this from the official Adobe Flash Player Download Web Site.

The installer may ask you to close Internet Explorer before installing.

3. Thirdly, Bring Up IE After the Flash Player Install 

4. Try Playing a CBS Streaming Video Again

Once you install a fresh Flash Player copy, try playing your desired CBS streaming video again.

If it still does not work, and you still get  the link to install the latest Flash version, try the next fix.

Reset Internet Explorer to Factory Default State

We have tested this procedure successfully on several occasions.

1. Bring up Internet Explorer

2. Bring up the Menu Bar

If the Menu bar is not already present by default, press and release the ALT key.

3. Choose the   Internet Options   Menu Item.

The multi-tabbed   Internet Options   window then appears.

4. Click the   Advanced   Tab 

The    Advanced   options windows then appears.

5. Find the   Reset  Button

About three quarters down the window, just right of center, find and then press the   Reset    button.

The   Reset Internet Explorer Settings   window appears next.

6. Click the   Reset   button in the Reset Internet Explorer Settings Window  

This action resets all non advanced IE options to their factory default values.

7. Exit Internet Explorer

8. Restart Internet Explorer

This assure that you’re running a version with all its options back at default values.

9. Then, Try Playing your CBS Streaming Video Again

Restoring IE to factory defaults usually fixes the problem, especially if you’ve run the this fix as well as installed the latest Flash player version.

10. Finally, You Are Done with How to Fix CBS Streaming Video Fails to Play Problem !

Will add more fixes as we find them.

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