Chef Choice Cordless Glass Electric Water Tea Kettle Teapot 679 0001 Review

We’ve been avid mint tea drinkers for nearly two decades, and so, have often kept cordless kettles like the   Chef Choice Kettle Teapot Model #679    on the kitchen counter for quick and efficient water heating.

The 679 glass kettle is not actually cordless.  A cord does exist, attached to the stand base, that plugs into a fifteen amp outlet, that supplies power to the heating elements built into the pot.  But the fact that the kettle itself has no permanently attached power cord makes for much easier filling and less dangerous hot water pouring into teacups. This is a substantial appliance that exudes an air of durability and dependability that you’d probably like owning.  Nothing looks cheap about this cordless yet electric glass teapot.  It’s fun watchin the water boil inside through this heated, transparent pitcher.

Benefits, Features, Pros, and Advantages of the Chef Choice 679 Glass Electric Kettle

Physical Measurements

8.5 by 6.0 by 10.5 inches.

Nearly 1.7 Liters

Heats 1.65 liters of water in approximately seven minutes here in Altoona, PA. It may heat more quickly at higher altitudes.

Boils Water Quietly

Even when the water is boiling, the sound output is on the low side.

No-Slip Feet

The stand that supplies power to the kettle itself comes equipped with substantial anti-skid feet that definitely prevent sliding of the whole unit even when full.  These also provide acoustic isolation from the counter, and this likely helps keep the kettle quiet.

Attached Plastic Lid

Has an attached black plastic lid that latches open for near effortless filling, and latches closed to contain hot liquids while pouring.

Big Mouth for Filling

The large-diameter mouth on this cordless electric kettle makes for quick and easy filling and cleaning with little slop and spill.

Adjustable Length Power Cord

Excess cord can be wrapped up on the underside of the stand.

Medium Visibility Pilot Lamp

A clear, lit lever makes starting and stopping the electric kettle a snap; literally.  The light comes on while heating is in progress.

Water Level Indicator

A printed easy-to-read scale, located behind the handle, shows how full the kettle is.

Rapid Water Boiling

Heats a full kettle of cold water to a rolling boil in less than eight minutes, and not just around the water surface either.  Water is well-heated throughout.  More efficient than a microwave oven for fast heating of up to six cups of water.

Auto Shutoff at Boiling

This stainless steel and glass cordless kettle automatically shuts off soon after the water inside begins to boil.  The heating element will also deactivate if all the water inside boils completely away.

The Stand is Not a Burner

The supporting stand remains touch cool, as it contains no heating element.  The heaters are sealed in the bottom of the removable kettle, beneath the glass part.

Glass and Stainless Steel Make Up

Has the contemporary look of a brushed stainless steel finish on its base and stand, with black plastic for the handle and lid.  This compliments the metal and clear glass with a subtle yet definite contrasting appearance.

Insulated Black Plastic Handle

With the handle being non conductive, there is little chance of electric shock from the 679.  Also, the handle never becomes too hot to handle.

Easy to Pour, Even When Full

The positioning of the handle provides great balance and thus, ease of carrying this kettle from its stand to your teacup.  Pouring is a breeze.

Small Footprint on Kitchen Counter

Takes up little space, as the pitcher part sits directly atop the base stand.

One Year Limited Warranty

Disadvantages, Cons, Limitations, and Problems of the Chef Choice 679 Glass Electric Kettle

A Bit Costly

At nearly $55, the price was a trifle expensive, particularly since competing brands of similar electric kettles cost less than half of this, although for a glass sided kettle, this cost is pretty competitive.  Indeed, the glass sides feature gives this kettle a more “ritzy” look that might compel people to pay the extra.

A Little Noisy After Use

Occasionally, this cordless electric kettle clicks and snaps, even hours after last use.  This is likely the mechanical shut-off mechanism inside cooling down, and could be remedied by incorporating a fully electronic thermostat system in future models.  Sometimes while heating, it can hiss and roar as well, although keeping the heating surfaces inside clean minimizes this noise issue.

Plastic Parts Scratch Too Easily

The plastic lid appears a bit too easy to scratch.  A definite improvement would be a harder cover.

Our Rating

In total, we’re quite pleased with this Chef Choice kettle, model 679.  It’s 1500-watt heater boils water faster and more completely than most any other heating method, is easy to clean, and is decently affordable.  So, we would recommend the 679  to anyone who frequently wants quickly heated hot water for tea, hot chocolate, soups, bouillon, and other hot beverage making.  Our rating is thus 95 out of 100.

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