CLIKR 5 UR5U 8520L Universal Remote Review

For two years (2007-2009), we used the CLIKR-5 UR5U-8520L Universal Remote Control to actuate the Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300 DVR as provided by our cable company, Atlantic Broadband.

Until we upgraded to the UR5U-8700L-AB, the CLIKR-5 UR5U-8520L (this remote) worked very well. We might have never upgraded, if not for some of the buttons failing to register when pressed on the old control.

This remote controller is a substantial-sized unit, which is powered by two AA batteries. It has decent-sized back lit keys, which are illuminated with decent uniformity, and can control up to five devices in a home entertainment system. It fits reasonably well into bigger hand palms, and in that position, the thumb can reach all critical function and number buttons.

CLIKR 5 UR5U 8520L Remote Benefits, Features, Pros, and Advantages

Long Range Infrared Transmitter

The infrared signal that this control emits is quite strong, as we successfully operated a DVR from fifteen feet away, and indirectly, by aiming the remote at a wall. This control is among the strongest we’ve ever owned.

Red LED Back Lights

It has a red-colored back lit key panel that lights up with fair uniformity. But though those at the left and right edges of the unit light significantly more brightly, the center of the keypad can still be seen easily.

The CLIKR 5 UR5U 8520L Has Medium-Large Printed Number Keys

The number can be read fairly easily (bold semi-white print on a black-white background). The keys are best seen when the bright red back light discussed above is ON.

Easy on Batteries

The batteries last about a year with heavy use.

Five Device Control

These controllable devices include a digital video disc player (DVD), video cassette recorder (VCR), television (TV), and a set top cable box (CBL).  Our DVR doubled as a set top box. So we programmed the CBL button to control that DVR.

Lots of Command Keys

Functions include among others: System ON / OFF, Power ON / OFF (for powering up each device in your home entertainment system separately), Guide, Menu, Info, Exit, Settings, Page UP / DOWN, OK / Sel, A, B, C, Mute, Favorite, Last, Volume UP / DOWN, Channel UP / DOWN, ON Demand, M1, Help, M2, Repeat, List, Live, Rewind, Play, Fast Forward, Stop, Pause, Record, the number keys, picture in picture keys [ON / OFF, Swap, Channel UP / DOWN, and Move], Video Source (Input), and the back light ON / OFF button.

Tight Battery Door

The battery access door never came off inadvertently, though we dropped this controller many times.

The CLIKR 5 UR5U 8520L is a Rugged Remote Control

Indeed, the CLIKR 5 UR5U-8520L withstood lots of drops without developing any defects. But the key problem appeared not to originate from the dropping, since it affected only the key that we used most (the Play key).

Device Code Search Feature

We did not use device code direct entry to set up the CLIKR 5 UR5U-8520L.  Why not?  Because this remote has a code search feature. This device search feature allows scanning through the remote’s entire library of device brands, until you hit on the codes.

All Devices ON / OFF

The CLIKR 5 UR5U 8520L offers the all-on and all-off feature via the SYSTEM button.  This supports less key presses to turn on or off all the devices in the home entertainment system. Unlike the Philips SRU4208WM/17 that makes you  press the device button for each device you’re controlling in turn, and then press the power button for each device, you can do all of that on the CLIKR 5 UR5U 8520L with just one button press. Program the chain of on/off commands sent by the power key as well, to exclude some devices from turning ON and OFF with this button.

Macro Command Programming

This remote offers three macro-programmable buttons that allow you to create command sequences up to ten commands in length. Use this feature to create one-press access to your favorite channel or to start your VCR recording. This feature became very handy once some of the normal buttons assigned to these operations started failing.

CLIKR 5 UR5U 8520L Universal Remote Cons, Disadvantages, Problems, and Limitations

Back Light Stays ON Too Little

We wish the back light remained lighted longer when you press the light-up button. As it is, the panel lamps only glow for roughly ten seconds. It’d be better thus, if this light up time was programmable, or stayed on for at least thirty seconds.  Perhaps they could make the back light length adjustable.

Keys Wear Out Quickly

Some keys developed a hard-to-press behavior about a year after we got this remote. Since you cannot program most of the buttons to issue specific commands, we could not reassign one of the other keys to take its place except for the macro keys (M1, M2, and Help). This is not a bad alternative.  But these keys appear a bit off of the beaten path for easy DVR operation. Sot it would be nice to be able to reprogram ANY of the keys if desired.

Command Buttons Too Small

The device and video control functions (forward, play, back, record, pause, and stop) could be a little larger. As they are, they’re only slightly larger than the pinky fingernail. This small size encourages wrong-button presses, which is likely one reason that several of the buttons on our copy stopped working well so quickly. Bigger buttons all around would help much.

The CLIKR 5 UR5U 8520L Remote Has No Device Command Learning Ability

This universal remote cannot learn button commands from other remotes.  This makes the CLIKR 5 a bit less universal in fact. This would be a great feature though, should any of the pre programmed functions malfunction. You could then set up a new key to use for a given function instead.

Our Rating for the CLIKR 5 UR5U 8520L Remote Control

The CLIKR-5 UR5U-8520L was quite adequate for our DVR and TV needs. So we would definitely buy another if needed; our cable company provides them free.

A great size for a universal remote, this universal remote achieves a nice balance between size and function. This unit is among the best overall universal remotes tested here. So we rate this one at 91 out of 100 therefore.

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