CLIKR 5 UR5U 8700L AB Remote Review

For over a year, we used the CLIKR-5 UR5U-8700L-AB remote to control the Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300 DVR from the Atlantic Broadband cable company.

It works very well. This device is a hefty-sized unit, requiring two AA batteries, good-sized backlit keys, and can control up to five devices in an entertainment system.

Features, Benefits, Pros, and Advantages of the CLIKR-5 UR5U-8700L-AB Remote

Supports Broad Range of Home Theater Equipment

Powerful Transmitter

The infrared signal that the CLIKR-5 UR5U 8700L AB emits is quite strong, as I’ve successfully operated my DVR from fifteen feet away. This remote is among the strongest I’ve ever owned.  Exceptionally long range, both direct and reflected.

Easy to Read Keys

The number keys are fairly easily read (bold semi-white print on a black-white background). The keys are best seen when the bright red backlight is activated.

Bright Red LED Back Lights

It has a red-colored back lit key panel and all keys light up with fair uniformity. But though the panel at the left and right edges of the unit light significantly more brightly, the part in the center of the keypad are still easy to read.

The CLIKR 5 UR5U 8700L AB Remote Control Offers Decently Long Battery Life

The two AA batteries last me about a year with heavy use.

Tight Battery Door

The battery access door never comes off inadvertently, though I’ve dropped this remote many times.

Tank Like Construction

Indeed, the UR5U 8700L AB has withstood lots of drops without developing any defects.

Device Code Search

I do not need the device codes necessarily to program the UR5U 8700L AB, as this remote includes a code search feature. This allows you to scan its entire library of device brands until you hit on the codes that work with your devices.  Most of today’s devices it knows about.  The onboard code library helps this unit earn the word universal in its name.

Embossed Programming Instructions

The basic setup instructions appear on the outside of the battery compartment door.

All-ON and All-OFF Feature

The UR5U-8700L-AB offers the all-on and all-off feature that allows you to press less buttons to turn on or off all the devices in your home entertainment system. Unlike the Philips SRU4208WM/17 that requires you to press the device button for each device you’re controlling in turn, and the press the power button for each device, you can do all of that on the CLIKR-5 UR5U 8700L AB with just one button press. You can program the chain of on/off commands sent by the power button as well, as you may not wish the universal remote to actuate all devices in range. You can omit some devices from powering if you wish.

Macro Support on the CLIKR 5 UR5U 8700L AB Remote

This universal remote offers three macro-programmable buttons that allow you to create command sequences up to ten commands in length. You can use this feature to create one-press access to your favorite channel or to start your VCR recording.

Metal-Looking Finish

The bluish metallic looking finish makes this universal remote control quite classy-looking and well-made, even though it’s panel is actually plastic.

Ergonomically Advanced Buttons

They improved the button shape in this UR5U 8700L AB model, for easier pressing with fewer errors.

Widely Used by Cable TV Providers

Apparently the UR5U 8700L AB is quite ubiquitous around our cable company here.  When it began failing, Atlantic Broadband gave us a new one for free.

Disadvantages, Cons, Limitations, and Problems of the CLIKR-5 UR5U-8700L-AB Remote

No Command Learning Feature

The UR5U 8700L AB cannot learn button commands from other remotes. This would be a great feature though, should any of the preprogrammed keys malfunction. You could then program a new key to use instead if this feature had been included.

Light Up Time Too Short

We wish the back light remained lit longer when you press the light-up button. As it is, the unit only glows for roughly ten seconds. It’d be better if this light duration time was programmable, or was at least thirty seconds.

Keys Became Erratic Too Soon

Some of the keys developed a hard-to-press behavior about a year after I obtained this remote from the cable company. Since the buttons cannot be individually programmed to issue specific commands, I could not program one of the other keys to take its place, except for the macro keys (M1, M2, and Help). This is not a bad alternative. But it would be nice to be able to reprogram ALL the keys if desired.

Some Keys on the CLIKR 5 UR5U 8700L AB Remote are Too Small for Error Free Pressing

The device and video control keys (forward, play, back, record, pause, and stop) could be just a bit larger. They’re only slightly larger my pinky fingernail. This can encourage wrong-button presses, which is likely one reason that several of the buttons on my copy stopped working well so quickly. Bigger buttons all around would be better.

A Bit Thick and Massive

It’s kind of heavy and easily slips off my knee and falls to the floor while I’m watching Star Trek. I do not mind how big it is though, since the controls are large enough to quickly find and work; a major selling point of the UR5U 8700L AB.

Our Rating of the CLIKR-5 UR5U-8700L-AB remote Control

This remote was quite adequate for my DVR needs. So I would definitely accept another copy of this control from the cable company. A great size for a universal remote, it achieves a nice balance between size and function. This remote is among the best overall universal remotes I’ve examined.  So I’d rate it at 96 out of 100.

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