Picture of Comet Scratch Free Soft Cleanser with Bleach, 24 ounce bottle, front view.

Comet Soft Cleanser with Bleach Review

The creamy, thinner texture of Comet soft cleanser with Bleach means that you need not shake it as much as thicker preparations of other brands.  But the creamy texture is none too abrasive.

In fact, they call it Scratch Free, because it’s little more abrasive than dish detergent.  But for lighter, non baked on messes, this cream cleanser works pretty well.

We’ve tested various versions of  Comet Cleanser for decades.  Our experience is that this, along with all the other no-scratch cleaners and cleansers in the Comet brand line, is quite the versatile and effective, yet nearly risk-free liquid cleanser.  It removes odors and disinfects well anywhere you need low scouring capabilities yet decent grime removal powers, including the kitchen, bathroom, and nursery. Comet liquid also removes little stains from counters, tables, potties, and floors, leaving them virtually germ free too.

Picture of Comet Scratch Free Soft Cleanser with Bleach, 24 ounce bottle, front view.
Comet Scratch Free Soft Cleanser with Bleach, 24 ounce bottle, front view.

Benefits, Features, Advantages, and Pros of Comet Soft Cleanser with Bleach 

Bleach Smell Fades Fast  

The scent lingers not.  Soon after you rinse this disinfectant cleanser down the drain, its smell disappears as well.

Kills Bacteria in Less Than Six Minutes

Comet with bleach targets staph,  salmonella, athletes foot fungus, and strep.

Does Not Normally Scratch  

as long as you do not rub too hard while cleaning some surfaces.  So, conserve the elbow grease where possible, and test surfaces to be cleaned prior, on an obscured part, to test how much this cleaner will scratch the subject surface.  We’ve never seen it scratch glass, though it might dull shiny stainless steel and aluminum finishes.

Comet Soft Cleanser with Bleach Cleans Stubborn, Baked On, Dried Food

It works very well on non stick pots and pans, at getting out baked and burned on foods. Does not damage their delicate stick-resistant cooking surfaces and finishes when used moderately.

Not too “bleachy.”

Has a certain but not too strong scent.  But you’ll still want to use bleach Comet in well-ventilated areas.  Open doors or use fans in small spaces like little bathrooms, galley kitchens, and no-window basements.

Okay for removing gunky glass stove top stains.  

We most use this Comet cleanser with bleach in kitchens for removing spilled soups and sauces from our ceramic flattop range, as well as our casserole and serving dishes when soaking them in soap water just won’t do. Comet liquid soft cleanser also cleans sticky soap rings in the bathtub.

Decent Disinfectant

Works okay at removing the most common bathroom dirt and scum as well as disinfects those surfaces. It’s disinfecting thinner consistency makes this product reasonably well suited for cleaning commodes.  Just squeeze several ounces onto the inside of the bowl, above the water. Then, use your toilet brush to evenly spread the Comet evenly around the above-water bowl surfaces, including underneath the rim.  Then, leave it sit in the bowl for at least ten minutes, and then flush to rinse away.  Swash the water around with the brush, to rinse and disinfect it too.  It may not cling as well to bowl surfaces as well as other, thicker liquid cleansers.  However, it still removes stains and deodorizes the bowl effectively.

Rags and Sponges

Works just as well when applied with a rag as when applied with a sponge.

Comet Soft Cleanser with Bleach Offers Clean Rinsing

Flushes away completely, and quickly, as this version of Comet liquid cleanser contains very little grit, and what it does have, dissolves during cleaning, and if not then, then while rinsing.  Rinses almost as quickly and thoroughly as hand soap.

Sold at Most Larger Stores

Is very easy to find in just about any grocery or home improvement store.

Recyclable plastic bottle.

Just rinse thoroughly inside and out, prior to depositing in the recycling bin, so that collectors do not spill remnants of this cleaner on clothing.

Low Price

We picked up the bottle in the pictures here the other day at Walmart, for under $2.00.

Comet Soft Cleanser with Bleach, Of Course, Contains Bleach

We like the bleach in this product, as it helps pump up the disinfectant qualities, as well as to increase this liquid cleanser’s cleaning effectiveness as a stain-remover.  It’s the bleach that adds disinfecting qualities to this product, and further strengthens its stain-removing powers.  However, this soft cleanser does not claim to be antibacterial.

Comes in Cream and Dry Versions

Just be careful not to allow the liquid to dry out (causes lumps), nor the dry powder to become damp (promotes globing and clogging).

Picture of Comet Scratch Free Soft Cleanser with Bleach, 24 ounce bottle, back view.
Comet Scratch Free Soft Cleanser with Bleach, 24 ounce bottle, back view.

Disadvantages, Cons, Limitations, Problems, and Concerns for Comet Soft Cleanser with Bleach 

Not for Really Tough, Messy Cleaning Jobs

Since Comet Soft Cleanser has virtually no grit, it primarily relies on the bleach to do much of the stain removal.  Without substantial grit, this cleaner does not scour clean as well as the Comet dry cleanser version, which offers plenty of rough, abrasive grit.  This soft cleanser on the other hand, opts for damage-free cleaning over fastest, deep cleaning.

Bleach Might Leave Spots

Do not drip this cleaner on your clothing or other sensitive, non color fast surfaces, as it could cause color fading at the points of contact. Take all handling precautions with this product that you would observe with straight liquid bleach.

Not Thick Enough for Some Jobs

Comet Soft Cleanser with Bleach Can Dry Up

Be sure to tightly snap integrated cap into the closed position when not using this product.  Otherwise, the liquid part can evaporate too quickly, leaving you with a dry, rocky mess.  However, if this happens, you can add water or a little bleach to reconstitute this product.

Our Rating for Comet Soft Cleanser with Bleach

We like this disinfectant and cleansing cleaner, and would thus, highly recommend it to anyone wanting to do a decent job at cleaning their kitchen sinks and appliances, as well as their bathroom fixtures.  Thus, we’d rate this liquid version of Comet Soft Cleanser with bleach at 94 out of 100.  Hard to top, unless and until the cleaning task itself becomes obsolete.

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