Picture of a cleaning operation on a glass top range in progress, using this Cooktop Cleaning Cream product.

Cooktop Cleaning Creme Review

We’ve used Cooktop Cleaning Cream for smooth top ranges for several years now. We find it to work as well as the other glass flat top polishes tested. Cooktop brand cleans the hardened, baked on grime. This builds up above the burners on our flat top Whirlpool electric range. In this Cooktop Cleaning Creme review, we detail our experiences with the product and the good and bad points we found in it.

Now these sealed glass top ranges offer the convenience of not having to soak and scrub the burners. Nor do you have to clean the burner pans, trays, and wiring underneath. But there is a downside. Cleaning spilled foods and liquids that harden on the glass above the burners is tough. Thus, range cleaning is perhaps the most time-consuming kitchen cleanup task. But this Cooktop brand range top glass cleaner, shortens this effort. Why? Because of its micro polishing particles, and gentle glass cleaners.

Cook Top Brand is an effective, low-fume, non abrasive thick liquid cleaner. It looks like a white liquid cleanser such as Soft Scrub. But they designed it to restore these flat tops without scratching, to near original shine.


Picture of the front of a 10 ounce bottle of Cooktop Cleaning Cream for smooth top ranges.
Cooktop Cleaning Cream for smooth top ranges, 10 Oz. bottle, front view.

Cooktop Cleaning Creme Review for Smooth Top Ranges: Benefits, Pros, Features, and Advantages

Polishes with Most any soft Cloth or Sponge

Works equally well when applied with a rag as when rubbed on with a sponge. We like using a rag though, as rags cost less than sponges.

Soft, Refreshing Aroma

Not pungent. Has a gentle smell. So you need no fans or windows open during use. Plus, the scent goes away fast; within a minute or so of rinsing off the cleaner.

Recommended for Ceran Ceramic-Glass Cooktops

Radiant and Halogen Heated Surfaces Supported

Very Little Scratching

We’ve never scratched any range surface with this Cooktop glass top product.

Easily Rinses Off

Rinses away completely, and quickly using a wet dish cloth or paper towel.

Easily Found in Many Big Stores

This household glass cleaner is easy to find in most grocery or home improvement stores.


They priced this polish reasonably. It completely cleans a typical glass top range ten to twenty times before you need a new bottle.

Picture of the back of a 10 ounce bottle of Cooktop Cleaning Cream for smooth top ranges.
Cooktop Cleaning Cream for smooth top ranges, 10 Oz. bottle, back view.

Cooktop Cleaning Creme for Smooth Top Ranges: Disadvantages, Cons, Problems, Limitations, and Concerns

Nothing Quick About This Cleaner

This product may in fact be too weak. So perhaps adding a little acid would shorten range top cleaning times.

Requires Lots of Elbow Grease

We’ve found this polish pretty ineffective at quickly removing burned on ground beef grease. So for those messes, we had to scrub many times over a week or more; once after each burner use where the mess was. The repeated heating and cooling of the range seems to work better than Cooktop brand cleaner. Scrubbing as part of the daily kitchen cleanup erodes these stains away completely, over time.

How to Clean Your Smooth Glass or Ceramic Top Range with Cooktop Cleaning Creme

Cooktop cleaning cream for smooth top ranges. Picture of a cleaning operation on a glass top range in progress, using this stovetop cleaner product.
Cooktop cleaning cream for smooth top ranges. Glass top range with cleaning in progress. Cooktop Cleaning Creme review.

Start with a cool range. Allow at least a half-hour after last use before cleaning, to minimize chances of burns.

Next, use a metal spatula or other scraping blade to remove bulk, crusted on debris.

Then, shake well the bottle of Cooktop Cleaning Creme.

Next, apply generously to the most soiled parts of surface.

Then, rub thoroughly with a soft dish cloth.

Keep rubbing until dirt resistance on the glass weakens, and the scrubbing operation becomes virtually silent. Listen to the scrubbing sounds, to tell when the grime has gone. Listen, because it may be hard to see through the cleaning cream layer just applied.

Once you think that the range top is clean, rinse with fresh water.

Finally, dry and buff with a dish towel.

Prevent buildup of hard to clean food stuff by cleaning your range after each use. Polishing it in little steps like this makes unnecessary any marathon cleaning sessions that can take days to complete.

Picture of a glass top range surface after cleaning with this product.
Glass top range surface after cleaning with this product.

Our Rating for Cooktop Cleaning Creme for Smooth Top Ranges

We like Cooktop Cleaning Cream & Polish quite well. Indeed, this smooth top stove cleaner is quite gentle. So we feel safe cleaning any ceramic or glass top stove. Why? Because we’ve never seen it scratch any glass or ceramic surface, though we rubbed as hard as we could during cleaning. Thus, that confidence, along with how well this product works, is a big selling point. We’d rate this stove top polish and cleaner thus, at 93 out of 100.

Where To Buy Cooktop Cleaning Creme

Look for this Cooktop cream (Amana part number 314274) in larger stores everywhere. It comes in a white plastic bottle with the black and gold label. Current price is roughly $7 for the ten ounce bottle, and $16 for the twenty ounce bottle.

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