Picture of the separated base stand and kettle pot unit of the Black and Decker® JKC930C cordless water boiling kettle system.

Cordless Water Kettle Black & Decker® JKC930C Review

We’ve enjoyed hot chocolate and black tea for over five decades, and so, have often kept electric kettles like the  Black & Decker® JKC930C Cordless Water Kettle   in the kitchen for quick and efficient heating of the water that these delicious beverages require.

They boil water several minutes faster than traditional on-the-stove tea kettles, although we do miss the stovetop kettle’s whistle when water boils.

Picture of the Black & Decker JKC930C Cordless Water Kettle, front view.
Black & Decker JKC930C Cordless Water Kettle, front view.

The JKC930C kettle is technically not cordless. Why?  There is a cord that you connect to a fifteen amp outlet, attached to the accompanying stand, that supplies power to the internal heating elements via slip ring mating connections in the stand and on the bottom of the kettle. The water pot itself lifts off of this pedestal for easy filling, pouring, and cleaning, such that while handling it, it is no connected to electricity.  Indeed, the fact that the pot itself has no permanently attached power cord makes for much easier filling and less dangerous hot water pouring into teacups. This is a substantial appliance that appears quite durable and dependable, that you’d probably like owning. Nothing looks cheap about this affordable stainless steel cordless yet electric teapot, with its mirror sheen finish and large, easy to read water fill gages, both metric and English.

Picture of the liter-calibrated fill gage on the Black & Decker® JKC930C Cordless Kettle.
Black & Decker® JKC930C Cordless Kettle, showing the large liter-calibrated fill gage.

Benefits, Features, Pros, and Advantages

Nearly 2 liters. Heats 1.7 liters of water in approximately eight minutes here in Altoona, PA. It may boil more in higher altitude locations like Denver.

Operates quietly, even when the water is boiling.  The on-off switch, while loud enough to alert you when water boiling has occurred, is not needlessly noisy.  You’ll indeed hear the boiling when it occurs.  But that sound is low in volume; quieter than the stovetop kettles mentioned above.

No-slip feet. The stand that supplies power to the kettle itself comes equipped with substantial anti-skid feet that definitely prevent sliding of the whole unit even when full. These also provide acoustic isolation from the counter, and this likely helps keep the kettle quiet.

Integrated metal lid. Features an attached black plastic lid with a metal stainless steel shell, which matches the rest of the unit, that springs open for near effortless filling, and latches closed to contain hot liquids while pouring.

Decent sized mouth. The medium-diameter mouth on this cordless electric kettle facilitates quick and simple filling and cleaning with little slop and spill, although the mouth could be a little larger for the best hand cleaning of the kettle’s interior surfaces.

Two fill gages.  A metric-calibrated (Liters) fill gage window is positioned to the left of the kettle’s carrying handle, and an English-calibrated (Ounces) gage is found to the right.  Both are large enough to read from a distance, although we wish they were both illuminated when the kettle is glowing.  These gages also act as a window, allowing you to see the water during filling, and as it boils.

Visible pilot lamp. A blue LED-lit power light clearly indicates whether the kettle is heating.  It comes on while heating is in progress.  This lamp, unlike other kettles we’ve reviewed, is not part of the start level, but rather, is a separate opening close by.

Rapid water boiling. Heats 1.7 liters of cold water to a rolling boil in less than eight minutes, and not just around the water surface either. Water is well-heated throughout. Better than a microwave oven for fast heating of water.

Auto shutoff at boiling. This heated kettle automatically shuts off soon after the water inside begins to boil, which, when filled with 1.7 liters of cold water, occurs within five minutes.

The stand is not a burner. The supporting stand remains cool to the touch. Note that this stand is not a heating element. The heaters are sealed in the bottom of the removable kettle itself, which facilitates this easy attaching and removing of the stand, not to mention the greater efficiency water heating over the traditional kettles mentioned above.

Cord keeper.  The base provides a channel underneath for power cord storage.  Just wrap the cord up in this circular channel when packing, or when the full cord length is not required.

Stainless steel construction. Has the “in” look of a mirrored stainless steel finish on all exterior metal parts, with black plastic for the handle, stand, and lid interior, that compliments the metal with a subtle yet definite contrasting appeal.

Insulated handle. With the plastic handle, there is little chance of electric shock or too-hot handling from this appliance.   The handle remains cool to the touch during water heating.

Easy to pour, even when full. The positioning of the handle provides great balance and thus, ease of carrying this kettle from its stand to your teacup. Pouring is a breeze.

Quite affordable. At nearly $22, the price was well within our budget, particularly since competing brands of similar electric kettles can cost more than twice this.

Two year limited warranty.  You must register this product to qualify.  For more details, see the instruction guide included with this appliance.  For service, call the Black & Decker® Home customer care line at: 1-800-231-9786.


Picture of the English system calibrated fill gage on the Black & Decker® JKC930C Cordless Electric Kettle.
Black & Decker® JKC930C Cordless Electric Kettle, fill gage, calibrated in ounces.

Disadvantages, Cons, Limitations, and Problems

Plastic parts scratch too easily. The metallic lid as well as the teapot sides, with its stainless steel mirror shine, appears a bit too easily scratched. A definite improvement would be a harder exterior.

Somewhat noisy. Occasionally, this cordless electric kettle clicks and snaps, even hours after last use. This is likely the mechanical shut-off mechanism inside cooling down, and could be remedied by incorporating a fully electronic thermostat system in future models.  However, this appliance makes no more noise than the several others we’ve reviewed.

But not full two liters. We’d prefer that this appliance held a full two liters of fluid instead of the 1.7 liters that it’s designed for. However, you can put 2 liters of water in without much ill effect, although for maximum safety, overfilling is not recommended.

Pilot lamp too dim. It would be nice if the power light in the power lever was significantly brighter; sometimes in a brightly lit kitchen, we can’t tell if the pot is still in-cycle just by looking; especially given how quietly the “done switch” operates when compared with other bustling kitchen sounds.

Mouth could be larger.  While as mentioned above, the lid opening is plenty large enough for filling, especially if using a kitchen sprayer hose from the tap, we cannot get our hand inside this pot with a dish cloth to clean it.  So, we end up soaping up the cloth, putting it into the kettle, closing the lid, and then shaking the whole thing profusely for a minute or so.  Even this technique does not remove stubborn limes scale and other hard water deposits.  However, it does remove loose debris.  Still though, we feel we could do a better cleaning job if the kettle fill mouth was an inch or so larger in diameter.

Fill gages not illuminated.  Some water boiler kettles feature lighted water fill gages, which promotes quicker reading while heating, and thus, more accurate subsequent filling, without wasting as much water due to overfilling.  Uniformly lighted water level readouts would boost this electric kettle to a one hundred percent rating status in our view.

Start level seems too small, wobbly, and delicate.  See pic below.  It resembles more of a stick than a thumb lever, is easily tripped off once started, and just seems too “dainty” for the otherwise ample construction of this boiler.

Picture of the separated base stand and kettle pot unit of the Black and Decker® JKC930C cordless water boiling kettle system.
Black & Decker® JKC930C Electric Cordless Kettle, showing the kettle unit and stand. separated.


Ourting for this Chef’s Choice Cordless Electric Kettle

In total, we’re quite pleased with this Black and Decker® electric water kettle, model JKC930C. It heats water faster and more thoroughly than a microwave oven or stovetop kettle, is reasonably easy to clean, and is very affordable. So, we would recommend the JKC930C to anyone needing quickly heated hot water for tea, hot chocolate, soups, bouillon, and other hot beverage making. Our rating is thus 96 out of 100.

Picture of the Black And Decker® JKC930C Electric Tea Kettle, filled and operating, showing the metric fill gage and water inside, along with the blue-glowing pilot lamp.
Black And Decker® JKC930C Electric Tea Kettle, filled and operating, showing the metric fill gage and water inside, along with the blue-glowing pilot lamp.

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