Picture of the Microsoft Invoke voice activated speaker, front view, unboxed, held In hand.

Cortana Invoke Speaker Reboot Instructions

Here, we cover Cortana Invoke speaker reboot instructions.  You reboot if the speaker shows bad performance, goes quiet or does not answer voice requests.  It may give off weird noises, break up, chirp or squeak.  Or, the speaker may suffer other oddities. In any case, always try a speaker reboot first (shown below).

Why reboot?  Because rebooting is a simple step.  Plus, rebooting the speaker often clears up strange problems.  Further, rebooting often skips the need to hard reset your Invoke and then go through the pain of setting it up again.

Now rebooting does not always fix issues.  Indeed sometimes, you have no choice but to reset the speaker.  But a reboot is a good first step in solving common problems, and often saves you the time and headaches of fully resetting the Cortana speaker.

Cortana Invoke Speaker Reboot Instructions, Step by Step

Neither the speaker itself, nor the Cortana app that controls it, has a button or link for rebooting this device. So the easiest way to reboot this talking speaker is to unplug it from power, wait a short time, and then reconnect it. Do this as follows.

1. First, Unplug the Invoke Talking Speaker from AC Power

Just unplug its AC wall power supply as shown next.

How to reboot Harman Kardon Invoke voice activated speaker. Picture of the Microsoft Invoke Cortana smart speaker, with its AC adapter unplugged from wall and powered off, prior to rebooting.
The Cortana Invoke smart speaker, with its AC adapter unplugged from wall and powered off, prior to rebooting.

2. Then Wait Around Ten Seconds

This allows the Invoke to clear out any bad Cortana data from its working memory, as well as to shut down all the way.

3. Lastly, Plug the Cortana Invoke Back Into AC Power

The Invoke then cold-boots, clearing out any errant parameters and many software-caused faulty behaviors.

Rebooting often returns the Cortana speaker to right operation. Further, we believe that as firmware updates for the Invoke come out, any need for routine reboots should disappear.

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