Danze Brass Interlock Shower Hose D469020 Review

We’ve purchased numerous replacement showerheads over the years, and are usually disappointed at how short the included connecting hoses are between the handheld showerhead and the source water pipes.

Harder to completely rinse out bigger tub / shower combos with hoses much shoter than six feet.  However, most massaging shower sprayers come with five-foot tubing (or shorter), and the quality of those hoses leaves many significant traits to be desired.  However, most of these shortcomings are overcome by the Danze D469020 brass interlock shower hose.  This shower hose features solid metal screw-on ends (where many cheaper hoses use plastic), full-coverage flexible sheathing (to withstand higher water pressures for longer time periods), and this 72-inch long version is plenty long enough for our showering and bathroom cleaning needs.

Picture of the front view of the Danze Shower Hose Chrome D469020, Package.
Danze Shower Hose Chrome D469020, Package Front View

Danze Metal Shower Hose Benefits, Advantages, Pros, and Features

Longer shower hose. This is a 72-inch (six feet) long shower hose.

Better quality than standard-issue hoses. The end fittings feature all-metal cases.

Chrome finish.  Nearly mirror reflective chrome finish on all exterior hose surfaces, including the sheathing and threaded end coverings.

Included sealing washers. Ours came equipped with a thick black rubber washer at each hose end (two in total).

Brass interlock threads. Brass stands up well to years of even the hardest water, and generally does not “freeze up.”  You can usually loosen these fittings with the fingers.  Only the most extreme cases of mineral and sediment deposits require a pipe wrench.

Metal covers entire shower hose.The flexible chrome-plated sheathing achieves virtually complete coverage of the softer inner tube.  This prevents the inner tubing from swelling and flexing excessively as higher water pressures are applied.

Easy installation.  This shower accessory usually requires no tools to install except for a strong pair of hands.  The self-sealing washers virtually elimate the need for Teflon tape or thread-sealing plumers putty.  And, you can achieve complete sealing just by finger-tightening the end fittings to the showerhead and supply pipe.  However, if you have the putty or tape available, apply either of these as a sort of second meassure of protection, in addition to the washers, against the thereads eventually leaking.

Remains flexible even at higher water presures.  The D469020 can still bend with reduced rigity, even when highly pressurized, such as in cities and towns with higher water pressure delivery systems, and on those energy-saving shower heads that severely restrict water flow, and so, introduce much back pressure.

Widely available online.  We bought ours at Amazon.com.  But you can also buy it at larer home improvement centers and some superstores.  See below for a link to current places to buy.

Telephone customer service.  Danze offers toll-free customer service telephone numbers.  In the United States, call 1-888-328-2383.  In Canada, call 1-800-487-8372.

Limited lifetime warranty.

Back view of the Danze Brass Interlock Shower Hose Package.
Danze Brass Interlock Shower Hose Package Back View

Danze Shower Hose Disadvantages, Cons, Problems, and Limitations

Made in China.  We’d love to see more products of this high quality created right here in the USA.

A little pricey.  This hose can cost about as much as many of the massaging shower sprayers that it feeds.  We paid nearly thirty dollars for ours.  However, the lifetime warranty as well as the mostly metal construction helped ease any buyers remorse over this purchase.

No installation instructions.  .  Ours came with no users manuals or instruction sheet.  No big deal however, and how to install this accessory is probably quite obvious to anyone with even modest handyman experience.  Besides, in leu of the missing owners guide, Danze offers telephone customer care.  Get those phone numbers above.

Becomes less flexible under pressure.  Though this hose remains reasonably easy to bend, it noticably stiffens under higher water pressures, such as when installed on a multi-spray setting shower head, and the head is set to a highly water flow restrictive spray.  To keep this stiffening from becoming excessive, we recommend installing this shower accessory in systems where the water pressure never exceedes 60 PSI.


The next picture shows the Danze chrome finish shower hose, fitted to a Waterpik Power Sprayer.

Picture of the Installed Danze D469020 Chrome Shower Hose in a typical bathroom shower tub.
Installed Danze D469020 Chrome Shower Hose

Our Rating

We’re impressed with this Danze product and are relieved to finly find an example that proves that enduring shower hoses have not gone extinct, so long as you’re willing to pay for them.  While it weights an ounce or so more than the more cheaply constructed shower hoses, this lends a feel of substantiality and longevity to this product.  It’s plenty long enough to allow aiming the water spray anywhere in our bathroom.

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