E-Z Ancor Stud Solver Drywall and Stud Anchor Review

Buildex E-Z Anchor Stud Solver Drywall & Stud Anchors provide a quick, convenient, and strong means to hang pictures, shelves, mirrors, and equipment on most any solidly supported drywall wall.

We’ve used these on 1950s, 1980s, and 2008-vintage drywall installations, and our pictures hang true to this day.  We’ve never experienced hung objects falling.  The anchors, due to their wide, deep-thread design, really bite into a large area of the drywall, thus distributing the weight over a larger area within the wall than, say, a driven nail or screw by itself.  These anchors come in zinc-coated versions, and both lock tight and stay that way, until you remove them.   For absolute best performance, it’s best to locate them in front of wall studs.  However, E-Z wall anchors still provide their rated weight capacity even when just driven into the drywall.  For even higher total support weight, use multiple anchors across the drywall.

Benefits, Features, Advantages, and Pros

Applications.  Use E-Z Drywall Ancors to hang everything from shelving, coat racks, blinds, track lighting, cabinets, and drapes, to clocks, pictures, thermostats, toilet paper holders, artwork, mirrors, smoke detectors, and window blinds.

Flat heads.  The body head when tightened into the drywall, rests essentially flat against the drywall, leaving little or no gaps between the hung item and the wall.

Few tools required.  A number two Phillips head screwdriver and a bit of elbow grease are really all the tools you need to install each wall anchor.

Self drilling.  These anchors drive themselves into the wall with just a little turning pressure.  No pre-drilling required therefore.

Drives into both wood and drywall.  Can be driven into wood panel walls or sheet rock wall compositions.

Can drive into existing holes.  As long as the hole is smaller than the threaded body of the anchor, it will tighten securely into an already existing hole.  Not however, that this hole will be enlarged further by this process.

Works in hand-plastered walls and stucco too.  Provides a sturdy, durable hold even in older plastered walls.

Ceiling hanging supported.  Provides adequate holding power to support ceiling-hung chain lamps, or anything that does not exceed the maximum stated support weight.

Installation is quick and easy.  The hardest part of installing these anchors is marking the positions where you want to put them in.  Once that’s decided, installation is a simple matter of driving a big, deep-threaded screw into the wall. Less than two minutes per anchor.

Remain tight.  Lasting hold.  Mirrors stay put, for man years as tested, until you actually take them down.  We’ve hung a key hook, using two of these, and in spite of the every-day tension of three sets of heavy keys, not to mention removal and rehanging of the keys each day, the hook remains tight after well over a year.

No glue or sticky compounds required.  Many wall hanging devices utilize a sticky surface that dries out over time, stains the wall, or peels the paint.  And, the support they provide is only as strong as the adherence of the pain coatings on the wall.  E-Z Ancors on the other hand, since they thread into the wall directly, are much more reliably strong and true, because threads do not dry out.

No stud needed for strong support.  In fact, you needn’t locate beams with a stud-finder at all.  These anchors will drive into wooden studs behind drywall without problems, or into plain drywall without a stud behind, and still support their rated weights.

No rusting.  Made of a zinc dicast metal, these anchors will not create any rust stains on the wall; particularly when used in interior-of-home settings.

Removal is also quick and easy.  When you’re ready to take down the item supported by these anchors, simply un-hang the item, remove the hanger screw, remove the in-wall anchor screw body from the wall, and patch the hole left behind.

Two weight capacities available.  40- and 50-pound capacities can be purchased at your local Home Depot store and similar home improvement centers, for standard 1/2-inch thick drywall.

Reusable.  The main body of the unit is completely removable from the wall and leaves nothing behind inside the wall.  These usually come out intact, and can be installed again and again at different locations.

Not too expensive.  Purchase 50 anchors for less than $17.  Smaller quantities also available, for lower costs.

Disadvantages, Cons, Problems, Limitations

Requires making holes in wall.  Since these anchors actually screw into the wall, they leave a hole behind when taken out.  However, this can easily be repaired with spackling and a bit of paint.  Toothpaste works well as a spackling compound too, when the hole is smaller than an eighth of an inch in diameter.  The hardest part of de-installation would likely be finding paint that matches the surrounding wall.

May be difficult to tighten.  Depending on the type of drywall you have, you may have to exert “high torque” in order to completely tighten the anchor base into the wall.  However, we’ve encountered very few scenarios like this.

Not designed for use in metal.

Over tightening these can weaken their holding strength.  You don’t want to drive them too far into the drywall; only as far as it takes to get the flat head to be flush with the surrounding drywall.  Driving them further in means that some of the threads will emerge from the other side of the drywall sheet, and these exposed threads mean that less threads are actually submerged within the drywall.  Less holding threads therefore, means less holding power.  So, do not over tighten.

Our Rating

We’ve hung perhaps ten items on walls with these Buildex E-Z Ancor picture hanging accessories, and found this product to be exceptionally easy to install with confidence that our pictures would not fall.  This is a very forgiving device — no highly detailed or conditional instructions required.  It just works well as long as you drive these wall anchors into either drywall or wood.  Because they de-concentrate the weight, they apply little point-to-point stress on the drywall.  They will not crack a wall unless the specified hanging weight limit has been exceeded.   We’re very impressed with this product, and so, rate it at 99 out of 100.

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