Front top view picture of the Echo Studio Alexa, showing the blue green light ring as the speaker boots.

Echo Studio Reset Button, Where Is It

We detail here the Echo Studio reset button location on this Amazon Alexa hi-fi smart speaker.  E.g. This unit has a multi function button, for which reset is one button function.

Where to Find the Echo Studio Reset Button

First, on the Alexa Echo Studio, we find no separate reset button.  But we do have the Action button on the top of the unit, which also serves as the Reset button.   See this control pointed out in the next picture.  

Picture of the -Action- button on the Alexa Echo Studio speaker.
The -Action- button on the Alexa Echo Studio speaker.

To use the Reset button, just power up the speaker.  Then press and hold the Action button until the light ring on top becomes an orange spinning pattern.  Finally, release the button at this time.  Then, the Echo Studio is ready for setup.

But keep in mind that simply resetting the speaker does not remove it from your Amazon account.  So to do that, you need to go into the Alexa app and find the de register option. Further, if you do not completely remove the speaker from your account, then it may try to set itself up again if it finds valid WiFi network login details in your Amazon account, and is in range of that WiFi network.

Lastly, note that quickly pressing and releasing this button will not actually reset the speaker.  Instead, a short press summons Alexa to listen for a spoken command.  Therefore when resetting, it’s important to hold the button down, gently, until the unit begins to reset. Usually this takes two to three seconds.

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