Picture of the Farberware 104556 Cordless Electric Kettle, operating, showing blue LED pilot lamp glowing, and the water gage adjacent to the handle.

Farberware Cordless Electric Kettle 104556 Review

We’ve been voracious mint tea drinkers for well over twenty years.  Thus, we’ve  purchased several water heating vessels like the Farberware model 104556 cordless electric Kettle for quick and efficient heating of the water.

The modest price reminded us of those low-priced, used appliances you find at flea markets.  But the cost of this brand new Farberware kettle  is about the same.  Yet its quality equals teakettles costing three or four times more, and its two-year limited warranty far surpasses many competitors’, which typically offer 90 days to a year tops.

Picture of the Farberware 104556 Cordless Electric Kettle, package front view.
Farberware 104556 Cordless Electric Kettle, package front view.

The 104556 kettle is not actually cordless.  Indeed, there is a cord that plugs into a fifteen amp outlet attached to the accompanying stand, that supplies power to the heating elements built into the pot.  But the vessel itself has no permanently dangling cable facilitates safer, easier filling teacups. This is a substantial appliance that exudes an air of solid durability and dependability that we like owning.  Nothing looks cheap about this cordless yet electric teapot.

Benefits, Features, Pros, and Advantages

Nearly 2 liters.  Heats 1.7 liters of water in approximately eight minutes here in Pittsburgh, PA. It may heat more quickly at higher altitudes.

Water gage. A large calibrated fill gage, positioned behind the handle, shows current amount of water in the kettle.

Short power cable.    The power cord is permanently attached to the base, not the kettle itself, and is 2 Ft. long.  It warms slightly during operation, but well within safety limits.  No detectable fire hazards here.

Operates quietly, even when the water is boiling.  However, it can issue some distracting noises when not running.  See the drawbacks sections below for details.

No-slip feet.  The stand that supplies power to the kettle itself comes equipped with substantial anti-skid feet that definitely prevent sliding of the whole unit even when full.  These also provide acoustic isolation from the counter, and this likely helps keep the kettle quiet.

Integrated plastic lid.  Features an attached black plastic lid that latches open for near effortless filling, and latches closed to contain hot liquids while pouring.  While this can get in the way while filling, at least you’ll never lose the lid.    It latches closed truly, and stays closed until you release it.

Large mouth.  The large-diameter opening on this cordless kettle makes for quick and easy filling and cleaning with little slop and spill.

Removable spout strainer.  Filters out all but the very smallest of mineral and sediment particles, and slides up and out of the pot for convenient cleaning.

High visibility pilot lamp.  A clear, blue LED-lit lever makes starting and stopping the kettle a snap; literally.  The light comes on while water heating is in progress.

Rapid water boiling.  Heats 1.7 liters of cold water to a rolling boil in just over  eight minutes, and not just around the water surface either.  Water is well-heated throughout.  More thorough than a microwave oven for fast heating of water.

Auto shutoff at boiling.  This heated kettle automatically shuts off soon after the water inside begins to boil, which, when filled with 1.7 liters of cold water, occurs within five minutes.

Stay cool stand.  The supporting pedestal remains cool to the touch.  Note that this stand is not a burner, and thus, contains no heating elements.  Instead, the heaters are sealed in the bottom of the removable kettle itself.

Stainless steel construction.  Has the trendy look of a spun stainless steel finish on all its metal parts, with black plastic for the handle, stand, and lid that compliments the metal with a subtle yet contrasting appearance.

Insulated handle.  With the handle being plastic, there is little chance of electric shock from this appliance.  Plus, it remains cool even when water inside is boiling.

Cord keeper.  The underside of the pedestal provides wrap-around storage for part of the power cable, should you wish to further shorten it already-modest two foot length.

Easy to pour, even when full.  The positioning of the handle provides great balance and thus, ease of carrying this kettle from its stand to your teacup.  Pouring is a breeze.

Instruction manual supplied in box.

Great price.  We found ours at Walmart for under $19.  Good deal.

Two year limited warranty.

Picture of the Farberware 104556 Cordless Electric Kettle, operating, showing blue LED pilot lamp glowing, and the water gage adjacent to the handle.
Farberware 104556 Cordless Electric Kettle, operating, showing blue LED pilot lamp glowing, and the water gage adjacent to the handle.

Disadvantages, Cons, Limitations, and Problems

Fill gage not lighted.  Unlike some kettles such as the Hamilton Beach 40891, offer illuminated gages for enhanced viewing  distances.  Not this one however.  To accurately see the fill level here, you need bright surrounding light while topping off the water.  So we don’t bother with reading the gage.  Instead, we insert a finger into the spout, and fill until the rising water level touches the finger tip.  Then we dump out just enough to lower the water level to beneath the filter strainer screen.

Somewhat noisy.  Occasionally, this cordless electric kettle clicks and snaps, even hours after last use.  This is likely the mechanical shut-off mechanism inside cooling down, and could be remedied by incorporating a fully electronic thermostat system in future models.

But not full two liters.  We’d prefer that this appliance held a full two liters of fluid instead of the 1.7 liters that it’s designed for.  However, you can put 2 liters of water in without much ill effect, although for maximum safety, overfilling is not recommended.

Plastic parts scratch too easily.  The plastic lid appears a bit too easy to scratch.  A definite improvement would be a harder cover.

Non adjustable heat power level.  While energized, the heating element operates “full blast,” to guarantee lower times to boil.  So you wouldn’t want to heat easily burned liquids like milk in this, or melt chocolate.  This is a teakettle, and so, you should only boil WATER in it.

Non submersible.  Neither the pot nor the base can be dunked for cleaning, due to the electrical components in the base, and the mechanical thermostat components in the kettle.

Gets quite hot during operation.  All exposed metal surfaces becomes hot enough to burn and injure.  So do not touch these when water inside approaches boiling.

Picture of the Farberware 104556 Cordless Electric Kettle, showing the large mouth and attached hatch lid.
Farberware 104556 Cordless Electric Kettle, showing the large mouth and attached hatch lid.

Our Rating

In total, we’re quite pleased with the Farberware Cordless Electric Kettle 104556.  It heats water faster and more thoroughly than a microwave oven, is easy to clean by simply wiping with a damp cloth, and is quite affordable.  It works as well as any 1500 watt kettle we’ve tested.  So, we recommend this Farberware appliance to anyone wanting quickly heated hot water for tea, instant hot chocolate, soup, bouillon, and other hot foods and beverages.  Our rating is thus 98 out of 100.

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