FLEXON CX3475 Garden Hose Review

We bought the   FLEXON CX3475 75 foot water and garden hose   for lawn and garden irrigation a few years back.
This heavy duty hose appeared to be well-constructed with rigid brass fittings and multi-ply flexible pipe hose.

Be careful however, not to lose the black washers that come with it, which are used in the “female” end to form a good seal with the mating hose or faucet.  I almost lost mine.  Due to the high degree of leakage that results without these sealing washers in place, this garden hose is unusable without them.

Benefits, Pros, Features, and Advantages of the Flexon CX3475 Garden Hose

Limited Lifetime Warranty

This Flexon hose comes with a lifetime guarantee, and is made in the USA.

Comes in Long Lengths

For our 2-acre plot of land, a 75-foot long hose like this garden hose is good, although we wish now that we had bought the 100-foot version.

Stands Up to High Water Pressure

The hose comes with a 2-ply, super strong inner tube for greater strength and durability.

The FLEXON CX3475 Heavy Duty Garden Hose is Strong but Flexible

Its jacket, that surrounds the inner tube,  is a thick rubber and vinyl.

Crush Resistant Connectors

The package claims that the brass end fittings are “crush proof.”  They are strong enough to survive being run over by a car.

Medium to Light Weight

This Flexon garden hose weighs surprisingly little for its 75-foot length.


It’s also surprisingly easy to bend around corners, even when pressurized.

Heavy Duty Build

Flexon classifies the CX3475 as heavy-duty.  We agree.  However, do not run over it with a riding lawn mower with the blades engaged.  We shredded our hose doing just that.  However, it was easily fixed with garden hose repair kits, available at larger home improvement centers and superstores.

Remains Leak-Lree for Years 

No leaks or any other issues encountered, except for the accidental cutting by the lawn tractor.

Resists Bursting

With its radial belted construction.  they sufficiently designed this hose to resist bursting.  The real test will come this winter.  We’ll see how it holds up when any remaining water inside freezes.  That ice inside often ruins hoses.

Non Slip Outer Surface

The texture of the outer jacket helps ease gripping of this hose.  It’s not slippery; not even when wet.  Nor is it very rough.  So it will not cause abrasions on your hands when handling this hose for hours on end.

Connections Do Not Stick Much

The brass fittings are easy to tighten and loosen.  We’ll see if this holds true once they tarnish a little.  But a little silicone grease or oil should keep the fittings easy to work even once they stop shining that yellow brassy metallic color.

Disadvantages, Cons, Problems, and Limitations of the Flexon CX3475 Garden Hose

Sales Receipt for Warranty Service Needed

Flexon Industries requires the original sales receipt in order to make a claim against the lifetime warranty.


We didn’t like paying over $45 for one copy of this hose.  It seems a bit pricey.

Washers Fall Out Too Often

Easy to lose the included sealing washer in the female end.  They could be made to fit inside of the more securely.  Perhaps different washers, such as those available in garden hose maintenance kits would work better than the ones that came with this product.

Our Rating for the FLEXON CX3475 Heavy Duty Garden Hose

So far, this product has functioned flawlessly.  We were just a bit put out by the price.  For that price, we’re hoping to get at least five years from this heavy-duty hose.  So all things considered, We rate this garden hose at 93 out of 100.

Where To Buy The FLEXON CX3475 3/4″ x 75′ Heavy-Duty Garden Hose

We bought ours at Lowe’s.  But you can also find this hose at most any larger home improvement center.  Plus, it’s available at numerous websites on the internet.

Look for it, mounted via shipping straps to a garden-green and white card that displays a picture of the hose.  The hose itself is a light maroon color.

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