Gearmo® 10 Port Smart AC Charger, Model ICS-10P-HO, package front view.

10 Port USB Charging Station Review

The Gearmo® 10 Port High Output USB Charger Station features highest current charging capability from all ten of its high current 2.4A USB ports at the same time.

Thus, you can charge as many as ten of the most power hungry tablet computers, radios, Bluetooth speakers simultaneously.  The current draw on one port does not decrease the current output on another.

This AC charger, made in China, is built from rugged black plastic, with a pilot lamp, power switch, and sports a well-insulated removable power cable with a non polarized plug, and resembles a large notebook power adapter, except that the output cable found in those, has been replaced with a sleek row of ten USB heavy duty A connectors.

It clears out as many as ten of the outlets on your power strips.  How?  The Gearmo® USB charger replaces up to ten of those old-fashioned wall wart chargers. It converts one 120-volt outlet into 5 volts USB power, eliminating the need for those single-device chargers. At roughly $50 per copy, this AC charger is an excellent value, for anyone wanting the convenience of running a single charger to power up to four smartphones, tablets, iPads, and Androids.

Gearmo® 10 Port USB charging station ICS-10P-HO, package front view.
Gearmo® 10 port USB charging station, Model ICS-10P-HO, package front view.


Picture of the Gearmo 10 port USB charging station model ICS-10P-HO, operating, with some cords connected.
Gearmo 10 port USB charging station ICS-10P-HO, operating, with some cords connected.

Benefits, Features, Pros, and Advantages of the Gearmo 10 Port USB Charging Station 

Attractive, Rugged Plastic Case

This case has with rubber feet, to reduce skidding and sliding off of tables, shelves, and such.


Use in classrooms for charging student tablets.  Also works well at home, where bustling families charge many devices at the same time.

Detachable 120-Volt Power Cord

A good feature because you can replace the cord if damaged.

Polarized Two Prong Plug

You may only insert the mains power plug into a 120-volt outlet one way. This protects the user from electrical shock.  A shock from a poorly grounded charger might happen  when handling connected cables with exposed plugs.

Easily Seen Pilot Lamp

The green LED power light when on, shows that the charger has power.

This 10 Port USB Charging Station is Silent

While plugged in, the ICS-10P-HO gives off little noise, hash, squeals, hums, or sizzles.  You may notice a low-level hum or some clicks. But only when holding it very close to an ear.

Well Regulated Power Output

We saw  no loss in charging performance, whether charging just one USB device, two, three, or all ten.

All High Current USB Ports

The ten USB sockets are electrically identical to one other. So you need not worry about matching up devices requiring the full 2.4 amps of high output charging, with the correct ports. All ports can deliver this level of current when needed.

Charges Low Current Devices Too

All ports can also charge normal current draw devices as well.  They adjust their power output, on the fly, to match the device requirements that’s currently connected to the port.

This 10 Port USB Charging Station Charges Most USB Devices

Have tested this with the 3rd gen iPod Touch, iPad Air, Kindle Fire HDX, and Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 tablets. All of these charged quickly. Plus, we noticed no overheating of the brick itself. But it does run lukewarm.

Tight and True Connections

The USB ports really grab plugs. Plugs stay put.

Smart Charging

Each port auto adjust its power output to match whatever device you plug into it.

Over Current Protection

All Current USB Power Standards Supported on this 10 Port USB Charging Station

Charges USB 1.1, 2.0 and 3.0 devices.


The plastic case stays  cool to warm to the touch, even when all ten ports have thirsty devices charging through them. We hear no fans come on inside.

Well Sized Wall Plug

The 120-volt plug is normal sized.  So, even when plugged into the most tightly spaced outlets in power strips, this plug takes up only one outlet slot.

Low RFI and EMI

We heard no radio noise, EMI, or RFI from the ICS-10P-HO. Radios and TVs played normally, even with this charger plugged into the same outlet.

The 10 Port USB Charging Station is Not Too Big

This wall charger is about the same size and weight that we’d expect for similar devices with this much charge current.

Low Profile

With just one control on the side, the power on off switch, there’s little to add needless complexity to this charging station.

Easy to Use

You just plug the included power cord to the ICS-10P-HO. Plug the other end into mains power.  Then plug the USB cords for all your USB devices into this charger.  This charger monitors the charge state of each device. Then it constantly adjusts the current as the battery charges.

Not a Wall Wart

Does not hang from a wall outlet, unlike the older wall wart chargers. Instead, the 5 foot power cable allows the charger station box itself to rest on the desk.

Low Cost for This Many Charge Ports

At about $35, this Gearmo® USB charger offers among the cheapest cost per high quality port of any USB charger.

Buy the 10 Port USB Charging Station Online

We bought ours at

Picture of the Gearmo 10 Port USB charging station , model ICS-10P-HO, bottom view, showing the specifications label.
Gearmo 10 port USB charging station , model ICS-10P-HO, bottom view, showing the specifications label.

Disadvantages, Problems, Limitations, and Cons of the Gearmo 10 Port USB Charging Station 

Exposed USB Ports

The USB ports are not covered when not in use. So dust buildup, causing erratic charging can occur. Thus, another reason for operating this charger in dust-free, dry spaces.

USB Charge Cables Not Included

Rubber Feet Come Loose Easily

Either the backing for the feet does not exist in this unit, or the rubber feet themselves are too soft.  Whatever the case, we found that you can push the feet too far into their mating holes, as shown above.  So we suggest not sitting anything heavy on top of this charger so you do not jam the feet to the inside of the unit.

Picture of the Gearmo® 10-Port Smart AC Charger, Model ICS-10P-HO, showing power switch and mains connector.
Gearmo® 10-Port Smart AC Charger, Model ICS-10P-HO, showing power switch and mains connector.

Warnings and Cautions for the 10 Port USB Charging Station

To get the highest current (fastest) charging out of this unit, you’ll need USB cables capable of carrying 2.4 amps (high current cables). Exceptionally thin or long cables may not provide the most rapid charging.

So, keep in mind that high current capability does not necessarily imply faster charging times.

This is an indoor device. Keep it away from heat, rain, excessive humidity, and vibration in order to maximize its life. Avoid places operating this charger where liquids are spilled often. The enclosure may admit liquids into its interior, causing perhaps permanent malfunction, shock hazards, or even fire.

Being that this charger incorporates a switching power supply design, it may interfere with nearby radios, TVs, and computing devices. If that occurs, relocate either the ICS-10P-HO itself, or the devices with which it is interfering.

Note that this is a USB charger, NOT a USB hub, even though it highly resembles a hub.  It does not move data; just supplies high grade USB power to attached devices.

Picture of the Gearmo® 10-Port Smart AC USB Charger, ICS-10P-HO, removable power cord.
Gearmo® 10-Port Smart AC USB Charger, ICS-10P-HO, removable power cord.

Specifications for this Gearmo 10 Port USB Charging Station Review

  • Model: ICS-10P-HO
  • Input: AC 100-130 volts at 2.4 amps.
  • Output 5 volts DC at 2.4 amps X 10, or 120 watts.
  • Product measures 156 X 109 X 32mm.
  • Product weight: 425g, or around 15 ounces.
  • Protection function: OCP, OVP, SCP, and OTP.
  • Standby power draw: Less than or equal to 0.3 watts.

Our Rating on this 10 Port USB Charging Station 

This 10-port high current charging station is hefty, and offers an ample number of full-power USB ports for most families and situations.  We appreciated its solid and heavy construction as well as the port versatility. You don’t have to worry about which port will give the best performance for a particular device, as they all perform identically well.  We’d rate this in-home / office / school room charger at 98 out of 100. Hard to beat the ICS-10P-HO as among the best mobile device chargers on the market today.

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