Picture of the Microsoft Invoke Cortana smart speaker, with its AC adapter unplugged from wall and powered off, prior to rebooting.

How to Adjust Volume on Microsoft Invoke Voice Activated Speaker

You may control the volume of the sound output on the Cortana smart speaker by Harman Kardon and Microsoft, in two ways.  You can ask the speaker to raise and lower the volume, or you may rotate the outer ring at the top of the speaker.  Details follow.

How to voice command the Invoke speaker to Adjust its Volume without touching it.  


  • Hey Cortana, raise the volume.  [Increases the volume by ten percent.]
  • Hey Cortana, lower the volume.  [Lowers the volume by ten percent.]
  • Hey Cortana, set volume 5.  [Adjusts the volume to five percent of maximum.]
  • Hey Cortana, set volume 45.  [Adjusts the volume to forty-five percent of maximum.]
  • Hey Cortana, set volume 10.  [Sets the volume to ten percent of maximum.]
  • Hey Cortana, set volume 100.  [Sets the volume to maximum output.]
  • Hey Cortana, set the volume to 0.  [Sets the volume to minimum.]

How to Adjust the Volume with the Ring on the Invoke Speaker

Picture of the highlighted volume setting ring on the Microsoft Cortana Invoke smart speaker by Harman Kardon.
Harman Kardon Invoke Cortana speaker, its volume adjustment ring highlighted.

You may also adjust the volume by rotating the volume ring, located at the top outer edge of the Microsoft Invoke intelligent speaker, as pointed at by the purple arrow in the picture above.

Turning the ring left decreases the volume in ten percent increments, until zero volume (mute) is reached.  Rotating the ring to the right raises the volume to maximum (full), again, in roughly five percent increments.

The light pattern across the top of the speaker increases and decreases in size, according to increases and decreases in volume adjustment, as shown next.  The light pattern shows, proportionately, how loud the volume is set.  A completely lighted circle indicates full volume.  A circle with just one light lit, means the volume is set to minimum.

Picture of the changing light pattern on the Harman Kardon Invoke smart speaker, as the volume ring is rotated.
Harman Kardon Invoke Cortana speaker, showing what happens while adjusting volume with the ring, light pattern changes accordingly.

There is currently no way to adjust the volume in the Cortana app from your mobile device.  Hoping for this feature to be implemented soon.  To change the volume, you must either rotate the ring on the physical speaker, or command it to do so with your voice.

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