Front right view of the JBL Charge 5 Bluetooth speaker.

How Long Does a JBL Charge 5 Speaker Take to Charge

You can recharge the Charge 5 through the USB-C charging port at the rear of the unit. To summarize how long does a JBL Charge 5 speaker take to charge. First, choose a right size USB charger, which we discuss further below. Also, be sure to use a thick enough cord to carry the necessary amps. But with everything optimum, the Charge 5 should take around 4 hours to fully charge.

Next, connect the Black USB-C cable included with the 5 between the Charge 5 and the power adapter you’re using. Then plug the adapter into a working wall outlet. Finally after four to five hours, your speaker will fully recharge. Then, you can play it again for up to twenty hours roughly, before you must recharge it again.

Picture of the JBL Charge 5 speaker, front right view.
JBL Charge 5 speaker, front right view.

How Long Does a JBL Charge 5 Speaker Take to Charge: Step by Step

Picture of a charging cord inserted.
A charging cable inserted.

1. Choose Right Size Charger

The charger you use should be able deliver 15 watts (5 volts at 3 amps) for fastest recharging.  Plus, pick one with a female USB-A output port so that the included cable with this speaker will fit it.

For this demo though, we use the adapter that came with our Charge 5. But though it doesn’t output quite the max current, the unit still charges in about the same time.

2. Plug in the USB-C Cord

Insert the small end of the black USB-C charging cable into the matching port in the speaker, as shown above.

3. Plug the Other End of the Cord into the Power Adapter

Next, connect the A end of the USB charge cable to your USB power supply of choice.

4. Plug that Charger into a Working Outlet

Now that the charger is present, we plug it into a working AC outlet.

At least part of the battery status gauge bar lights up on the speaker when you apply enough USB power. As charging progresses, as shown in the next picture, more of this bar lights up, starting with the bottom.

Picture of the battery level status gauge showing a full charge.
The battery level status gauge showing a full charge.

5. Continue Charging Until the Battery Meter Bar Goes Dark

Recharging is almost complete when all but the top part of the battery gauge glows solid. The topmost part keeps flashing though, for a few minutes more while the system tops off the charging.

After that, the battery charge cycle finishes when this gauge goes out.

6. Unplug the Charge Cable

7. Done with How Long Does a JBL Charge 5 Speaker Take to Charge !

We have now fully charged our speaker. To further confirm this, check out the battery meter just after turning on the 5 afterwards. The entire meter bar should now glow, meaning that the speaker is at full charge.

Repeat this charging every twenty hours of music play, to keep its battery in top working condition. In fact, we charge ours when the battery gauge shows only one light glowing.

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