Picture of the Google Home Mini smart speaker, displaying volume adjustment in progress, showing the volume touch pads highlighted in purple.

How to Pause and Resume Music Playback on the Google Home Mini Smart Speaker with a Touch

You can pause or resume play of the Google Home Mini talking smart speaker by touching it as follows.  Touch and hold either the volume down area (9 o’clock) on the mini, of the volume up area (3 o’clock), but not both at the same time, until play stops (usually about a second or so of holding).  Repeat this to resume play.

The volume control areas on the sides of the mini are located as shown in the picture above, highlighted in pink.

You can also command her to pause by saying, “Hey Google, pause,” or, “Okay Google, stop.”  And to resume you say, “Hey google, resume.”

Note that if your mini is part of a multi room group, and that group is playing a stream to all of its speakers, then pausing the mini will also pause the other speakers in that group.  Resuming the mini also resumes the multi room group.

That’s it!  Simple as —- (well, you know).


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