Picture of the Google Home smart speaker, front view, with box open.

How to Set the Sleep Timer on the Original Google Home Smart Speaker

The original Google Home smart speaker now features a sleep timer function that you can set and cancel with voice commands!

You first start your speaker playing content from an internet radio station, podcast, news source, or some other streaming service. Then, you ask Google Home to play the stream for only as long as you specify, by setting a sleep timer.

Here are some sample commands that we verified to work on our original Google Home voice activated speaker.

  • Okay Google, set sleep timer five minutes. [The speaker plays for five minutes, then stops.]
  • Hey Google, set sleep timer thirty minutes. [Plays for thirty minutes then goes silent.]
  • Hey Google, set sleep timer one hour. [Sets a sixty minute sleep timer, plays for an hour, and then goes silent.]
  • Okay Google, create sleep timer ninety minutes. [Sets a sleep timer for 90 minutes, then goes quiet.]
  • Okay Google, cancel sleep timer. [Cancels sleep timer if one is pending.]
  • Hey Google, delete sleep timer. [Cancels sleep timer if one is pending.]

When you specify a sleep time with one of the above commands, the original Google Home smart speaker will answer back as follows: “[speaker name] will stop playing in [specified time].” That is, if you say something like, “Okay Google, set sleep timer ten minutes,” to your speaker named Living Room, the speaker replies, “Living Room will stop playing in ten minutes.”

Note that you cannot set a sleep timer on the speaker unless it is playing some media.

Easy but useful too!

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