Picture of the -CHARGE- lamp glowing orange on the Sony SRS XB32 speaker.

How to Charge Sony Bluetooth Speaker

This piece covers how to charge Sony Bluetooth speaker – typical models. Do this easily through the USB or barrel power in port. Any Sony speaker has one somewhere.  The water resistant models have it behind a flexible sealing door, shown in the pictures below. Note that you can still play your speaker speaker as it charges, without lengthening the recharge time very much.

First, many Sony Bluetooth speaker models come with a suitable charger.  So use the one that accompanies the speaker if you can, for best results.  But if you lose yours, then pick a strong enough adapter.  In this example, we use the Sony SRS XB43 Bluetooth speaker. Furthermore, this particular model requires 15 watts (5 volts at 3 amps max).

Then, once you’ve chosen the correct charger, plug that into a working AC outlet. Finally, plug the DC end into the speaker.

Finally, after four to six hours, your speaker finishes charging.  So it’s ready to play once more.  The play time varies among the different speaker models.  But it ranges from 10 to 24 hours roughly.

How to Charge Sony Bluetooth Speaker: Step by Step

1. Choose Correct Size AC or Car Adapter

The charger you use should provide 5 volts and at 3 amps (15 watts).  Here, we use the adapter that Sony includes with this speaker.  However, a Key Power model HDD15-3-PD USB power delivery system along with a thicker USB-C cable also works well.

2. Open the Port Cover

Use a fingernail, dime, penny, or small screwdriver to work open the waterproof seal port cover if yours has this. Be careful though not to scratch the delicate seal around the inside edge of this door.

Picture of the closed port compartment cap on a typical Sony Bluetooth speaker.
The closed port compartment cap on a common Sony Bluetooth speaker.

Prying open this door exposes the charging port inside, as shown next, pointed at by the red arrow.

Picture of the input port at the rear of the speaker.
The input port at the rear of the speaker.

3. Power OFF the Unit to Continue with How to Charge Sony Bluetooth Speaker

Note that most Sony Bluetooth speakers still charge while running.  But the speaker might charge a bit faster when turned OFF. This depends on how much above-and-beyond recharging juice your power supply offers.

4. Plug the DC Power Cord into the Speaker

Then, plug the matching end of a USB-C charge cable into the port, as seen in the next shot.

Picture of the power cord connected.
Rear view of the speaker, showing the power cord connected.

Warning: Only use the correct port for charging the speaker.  On Sony Bluetooth speakers that have this, do not use the output port.  This is for power bank function only, to power other devices.  In this example, feeding external power into THIS port will not only fail to recharge the battery. But it could also damage the electronics inside.

5. Plug the Other End of the Cable into your Charger Adapter

Now the supply you’re using perhaps has a detachable cable. If so, then make sure to connect the matching end of the power cable to the charger you have. Note though that the included adapter with the Bluetooth speaker here has a permanently attached cord.  So skip this step if that’s the sort of cable you have.

6. Plug the Power Adapter into a Working Wall Receptacle to Continue with How to Charge the Sony Bluetooth Speaker

Connect the mains end of the adapter into a working AC outlet. Here, we plug ours into a surge protecting power strip.

Picture of the charging Sony Bluetooth speaker.
The charging Sony Bluetooth speaker.

The status lamp lights up solid orange. Now there usually is no battery status gauge that shows percentage of charge. Still though, the glowing lamp means that charging is underway. You just can’t tell visually how far along it actually is.

Picture of the CHARGE light glowing. How to Charge Sony SRS XB43.
The CHARGE light glowing.

7. Let your Speaker Charge Until the CHARGE Light Goes Out

Full battery charging is complete when the CHARGE lamp shuts off.

Picture of the dark CHARGE lamp.,
The dark CHARGE lamp.

8. Unplug the USB-C Charge Cable from the Unit, to Continue with How to Charge Sony Bluetooth Speaker

9. Fully Close the Port Door / Cap

Now be sure to seat the port cap securely. If not, then water may soak the power input port. And, since water and electronics generally do not mix, this might damage the sensitive contacts inside. So press this door firmly closed for the best moisture protection.

Picture of the closed port compartment cap on many Sony Bluetooth speaker models.
The closed port compartment cap on many Sony Bluetooth speaker models.

10. Done with How to Charge Sony Bluetooth Speaker

We have now fully charged our speaker.

Finally, repeat this recharging whenever the speaker runs dead, to keep the battery in top condition for years to come. But do not allow the battery to sit, in a deadened state for long, as this could shorten its life.

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