Picture of an iPhone in front of the UE Roll 1 speaker.

How to Connect UE Roll to iPhone

This post shows how to connect a UE Roll BT speaker to an iPhone and other iOS devices such as an iPod Touch and iPad. Start with your speaker shut OFF (all dark LEDs). Then, follow along to connect it with iPhone.

How to Connect UE Roll to iPhone

1. Visit the Home Screen on your iPhone

Firstly, press the Home button or swipe up from the bottom of the screen to get to the  Home   page.  See our  Home  screen as shown next.

2. Find the   Settings   App

We found ours on the second page of the  Home  screen.

The -Settings- app icon on the iPhone -Home- screen.
iPhone -Home- screen showing the -Settings- app.

3. Bring up the Settings App

Tap the Settings app icon thirdly.

The iPhone then displays the first page of its  Settings  screen, as shown in the next screenshot

Screenshot of the -Bluetooth- option on the iPhone -Settings- page.
iPhone -Settings- page, showing the -Bluetooth- option.

4. Go to the  Bluetooth Settings  Page to Continue with How to Connect UE Roll to iPhone

Tap the  Bluetooth  item, as pointed at by the green arrow in the last screenshot above.

Our  Bluetooth Settings screen then appears as follows. Note that our Bluetooth is switched ON here. But since the speaker is currently OFF, it does not show in either the  My Devices  or  Other Devices lists on the tablet yet,  Why?  Because we have yet to connect it with this device for the first time.  Plus, the speaker is not yet transmitting its Bluetooth connection info. See this scenario, that appears as shown next.

Screenshot of the Bluetooth page in iPhone settings.
The Bluetooth page in iPhone settings.

Note in this picture that no UE Roll appears yet.

5. Power On your UE Roll Unit

Turn on the speaker by quickly pressing and releasing its  Power  button. See this button, pointed out in the next picture.

Picture of the UE Roll, back view, showing the dark -Power- button OFF, and highlighted.
The back of the UE Roll, showing the dark -Power- button.

The speaker then comes on.

Picture of the glowing -Power- button.
The glowing -Power- button.

6. Put your UE Roll into Pairing Mode

Now, to see the speaker on your iPhone, place it into BT discovery mode. For that, press and hold the Bluetooth button. Hold this button in until the speaker makes a taping bongos sound to tell you that pairing mode has begun.

Picture of the UE Roll speaker, back view, showing the -Bluetooth- button highlighted.
UE Roll back, showing the -Pairing- button.

Plus, a lamp in the Pairing button starts quickly flashing white.

7. Find your UE Roll on your iPhone

See the picture next. We found ours, as pointed out in dark blue.

Screenshot of the UE Roll showing as discovered on an iPhone.
The UE Roll showing as discovered on an iPhone.

8. Connect with your UE Roll

Next, tap the listed speaker in the  Other Devices  section of the  Bluetooth Devices  list, shown above.

Your iPhone then connects with the speaker (appears as “WONDERBOOM 2” in this session).

The  Bluetooth Settings  screen then changes to display something like the following.

Screenshot of iPhone Bluetooth page, showing the UE Roll as Connected.
iPhone Bluetooth page, showing the UE Roll as Connected.

Note that the unit now appears as connected, as pointed out in the last picture.

9. Done with How to Connect UE Roll to iPhone !

Lastly, we have now successfully connected this Bluetooth speaker with the test  iPhone.  Audio output from that source device now plays on the Roll 1 speaker.

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