Close up view of the front of the Sony SRS X11 personal speaker.

How to Pair Sony X11

This post shows how to pair the Sony X11 personal Bluetooth speaker with common portable devices. E.g. These  include the iPhone, iPod Touch, and the iPad line of Apple phones, media players, and tablets.

How to Pair Sony X11, Step by Step

With your X11 powered OFF (power button is dark), run through these directions to pair it to your source BT mobile device. We’re using an iPad Air computer for this demo.

1. Go to the Home Screen on your Source Device

Firstly, press the Home button to reveal the smart device’s Home screen.

2. Find the Settings App

We found ours on the second page of the Home screen, as shown next.

Picture of an iPad Home screen, with the Settings app highlighted by an arrow. How to Pair Sony X11.
iOS Home Screen with Settings App Highlighted

3. Bring up the Settings App

Thirdly, touch the Settings app icon.

The smart device then shows the first page of its settings, as shown in the next step.

4. Go to the Bluetooth Settings  Page to Continue with How to Pair Sony X11 

Our Bluetooth Settings screen displays as follows. Note that our Bluetooth is enabled here. But since our SRS X11 is currently shut OFF (is not in Bluetooth discovery mode), it does not show up in the Bluetooth devices list. Also, we don’t see it since we’ve never paired this speaker with our mobile device before.

Screenshot of the iPadOS -Bluetooth Settings- page showing nothing discovered
iPadOS -Bluetooth Settings- page showing nothing discovered

5. Turn On your Sony X11

Turn on the X11 by quickly pressing its  Power  button. See this, pointed at by the green arrow, in the next picture.

The Sony X11 -Power- button.

The speaker then powers up, and its status lamp glows green, as seen in the next picture.

But since our iPad does not know about this speaker, the X11 will not pair with it automatically.

The glowing -Status- light on the Sony X11 Bluetooth speaker.
Sony X11 -Status- lamp glowing.

6. Put the X`11 into Discovery Mode

Now, to see your Sony X11 on your device, place it into Bluetooth discovery / pairing mode. To do that, press and hold the Power-Pairing button. Release the button when the speaker makes two high beep sounds, and the status lamp starts fast flashing white.  Usually takes two to three seconds to enter pairing mode. Find the Power-Pairing button as shown above.

7. Find the Speaker on your Mobile Device to Continue with How to Pair Sony X11

See the screen shot next. We found the test speaker, as pointed at by the yellow arrow.

Screenshot of the iPadOS -Bluetooth Settings- page, showing the Sony X11 as -Discovered- but not -Connected-.
iPadOS -Bluetooth Settings- page, showing the Sony X11 as -Discovered- but not -Connected-.

8. Pair with your X11

Tap the listed speaker in the discovered devices list.

Your mobile device then connects with the SRS X11.

E.g. The the mobile device’s Bluetooth Settings screen might then change to look something like the following.  Note the now-connected SRS X11 entry, as pointed at by the green arrows in the next screenshot.

Screenshot of the iPadOS -Bluetooth Settings- page, showing the Sony X11 speaker as Connected.
iPadOS -Bluetooth Settings- page, showing the Sony X11 as Connected.

9. Done with How to Pair the Sony X11 !

At last, we have now successfully paired the X11 with with a common mobile tablet device.

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