Front view of the Sony SRS XB23 speaker, standing up.

How to Reset Sony XB23

Show you how to reset your Sony XB23 Extra Bass speaker to its default settings.  Resetting restores the XB23 to default state. Plus, resetting erases any earlier paired Bluetooth devices from its memory. Clearing these stops this speaker from pairing to any nearby Bluetooth devices. Also, you might reset to get it ready for sale or re-gifting, or to stop the 23 from pairing wirelessly with devices you no longer want it to sync with.

How to Reset Sony XB23, Step by Step

1. Turn the XB23 ON

Press and release the Power button for a half-second or so. Find the Power button as shown in the next picture.

The -Power- button on the Sony XB23.
Sony XB23 -Power- button.

Find the Power button, as shown in the last picture above.

Then, the status light comes on, as shown next.

The -Power- light glowing green on the speaker. How to Reset Sony XB23.
The -Power- lamp glowing green on the speaker.

The speaker may make a ding-dong tone sound when it powers up to announce that it has paired, should it connect to a nearby device. Or it may make no sound at all if it does not.  Whether the XB23 pairs or not though, this reset routine works the same way, as follows.

2. Press and Hold the Pairing and Volume DOWN Buttons Together

Find these buttons as shown next.  They are both on the top button panel, as we point out in the next picture.

Picture of the -Power- and -Volume DOWN- buttons.
The -Power- and -Volume DOWN- buttons.

The XB23 then enters reset mode.

Then after a several-seconds pause, the speaker powers OFF, and the Power lamp goes dark, as shown next. Note that on the SRS XB23, there is no power-down sound.

The dark -Power- light.
The -Power- lamp is now dark.

3. Check that your Sony XB23 Did Indeed Reset

Next, power on the unit again, as detailed in step 1 above.

Note that after reset, the XB23 comes up in discovery mode. The Pairing Mode lamp double blinks blue to let you know this.

Picture of the -Bluetooth Status- light blinking blue.
The -Bluetooth Status- lamp flashing blue.

This is a signal that you may then look for this speaker on a nearby BT device, and pair to it if you so desire.

4. Done with How to Reset Sony XB23 !

The reset is now finished. So you may now sell or gift this portable speaker, or pair it again with your favorite BT streaming devices.

After a reset, the XB23 no longer automatically links with any Bluetooth device. Therefore, if you’re keeping the speaker and wish to restore auto pairing, you manually pair the speaker with a device. Then after that, any time that both XB23 and that device have Bluetooth turned on, and they’re near to each other, pairing would automatically take place once more.

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