The battery level meter gauge showing a full charge on the JBL Charge 5 Speaker.

How to Tell if JBL Charge 5 is Fully Charged

Shows how to tell if JBL Charge 5 is fully charged.  Well, this portable speaker has a strip row of LEDs on the lower front. These lights display battery charge level.  Thus, to tell this, read this indicator.  If the entire meter bar lights, then it is either at, or near, full charged state.

Picture of the back of the JBL Charge 5. Showing a charging cable inserted.
Rear view of the JBL Charge 5. Showing a charging cable inserted.

How to Tell if JBL Charge 5 is Fully Charged: Step by Step Method

Connect the Speaker to AC Power

Obviously, you would suspect that the 5 is NOT at full charge if it does not power up. Or only part of the battery gauge may glow. So that’s another sign that to get to full charge, you need to recharge the 5.

But once you start charging, the lower part of the meter switches to a steady white glow.  At that time, the blinking light moves further up the strip toward the top.

Picture of the battery status meter showing a full charge.
The battery status gauge showing a full charge.

Also, the speaker heats up a bit during charging as does its charger.  This warmth is an excellent way how to tell if the JBL Charge 5 is charging.

When the Whole Bar Lights Solid, The Unit Is Almost Fully Charged

As speaker charging advances, more of the battery meter bar lights up solid. Plus, the flashing moves further up until it hits the top.  As long as some part of the bar blinks, then the 5 is indeed charging.

Note that all the lamps in the battery status bar glow as charging nears completion.  But the topmost one goes on flashing for several minutes.

The recharge cycle finishes when all charge status gauge lamps go dark. Thus, the battery is no longer (not) charging when all lamps are OFF. Even with the charger cord still plugged in, no lamp glows. And when battery is full, charging stops as well.

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