Picture of the back of the Sony SRS XB43 speaker charging, showing the power cord connected.

How to Tell if Sony XB43 is Charging

How to tell if Sony XB43 wireless BT speaker is charging?  This extra bass speaker has an orange LED light in its top button panel, as shown in the following picture.  This light that Sony labels as the CHARGE light glows steadily, without blinking, only when the speaker is in fact charging.  See further details below.

How to Tell if Sony XB43 is Charging

Connect your XB13 to USB Power

Of course, you can rest assured that the speaker is NOT charging with no power cable making contact with the speaker. So connecting the USB power cable is a decent first step in knowing for sure that the XB43 is recharging.

Check that the  CHARGE LED is Glowing Solid Orange

As mentioned earlier, whether the speaker is OFF or ON, you can tell if the Sony XB43 is charging if this light glows steady orange. But when no working charger is present, this light either does not glow at all, or it blinks when the battery has about run entirely out of power.  Moreover, it never glows steadily without a charger supplying power to the XB43.

If the SRS XB43 CHARGE lamp flashes when the power cord is connected, then the speaker is likely NOT charging.  So you should check that your USB cable, power adapter, and power source are functioning.  Thus, try a new adapter or a known good cord.  You want this light to glow without flashing to know for sure that the XB43 is charging.

Picture of the Sony XB43 -CHARGE- light glowing.
Sony XB43 -CHARGE- light glowing.

Additionally, the sides the speaker may warm slightly as it charges, and you may feel this heat near where the charging cable plugs into the 43. Moreover, most charger adapters you run it with will also heat a little as well.  This slight heating is a key way to tell if the speaker is indeed charging.

As speaker charging advances toward finish, the CHARGE LED continues glowing.

When the CHARGE LED Goes Out, Charging is Done

The battery charge cycle is finished when the CHARGE LED goes dark.

Picture of the dark Charge light.,
Dark Charge lamp.

Even with the charger cord still supplying power, and when the XB43 is OFF or ON, the CHARGE lamp stops glowing when the internal battery is full. We see this in the last picture above.  The speaker indeed no longer recharges when the battery reaches full charge condition and this light shuts off.

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