Picture of the glowing party light bar on the Sony SRS XB32 speaker.

How to Turn On Lights on a Sony Speaker

Many Sony speakers come equipped with a set of party LED lights on their front and top panels that, by default, blink, pulsate and scan in various colors to the beat of whatever audio you play on the speaker.  But sometimes, people turn these off, and then forget how to turn them back on again.  Indeed the lights on your speaker may be OFF, but you want to create a party atmosphere, where the speaker flashes rhythmically to the music.  So we show here how to turn ON these lamps on a typical Sony speaker.

To turn on the lights, you need to find the LIGHT-BATT button.  We find this control on the back of most speakers, inside the ports compartment, as we see in the next picture.

Picture of the -LIGHT BATT- button on a Sony speaker. How to Turn On Lights on Sony Speaker.
A typical Sony speaker -LIGHT BATT- button.

How to Turn Lights ON on Sony Speaker, Step by Step

They program these lamps to blink and pulsate by default.  They flash any time the speaker is ON, either when fresh out of the box, or after a factory reset. But if someone switches them OFF, you can set them to ON again as follows.

  1. Be sure to power on the speaker.
  2. Open the port compartment cap at the rear of the speaker with a coin or dull butter knife.
  3. Turn these lights ON by pressing and holding for three seconds the LIGHT-BATT button inside that port.  Running the unit without the party lights may save a bit of battery power, especially when you don’t want to waste any on lighting these lamps. E.g. Like when playing the speaker in daylight or in a bright room where the lights would be harder to see anyway. In the next picture, we show what a typical Sony speaker looks like with its lights ON.
Picture of the glowing party light bars on a Sony speaker.
Sony speaker with its party light bars glowing.

Then, if you want to turn them back OFF again, simply repeat what you did above.  I.e. Press and hold in the LIGHT-BATT button for three seconds. Finally, at that point, the party lamps will go dark once more.

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