The front top view of the Sony SRS XB23 speaker.

How to Turn On Sony SRS XB23

We explain how to turn on the Sony SRS XB23 pipe-style speaker here.  Now most Bluetooth speakers have a Power button that Sony prominently places on the unit so it’s easy to find.  Indeed, this speaker is no exception to this, as we find its Power button on the front, as we see next.

The -Power- button.
The -Power- button.

There’s also a Power lamp, on the front just above the Power button, that starts glowing green upon speaker bootup.

The -Power- light glowing green on the Sony SRS XB23 speaker.
Sony SRS XB23 -Power- lamp glowing green.

This lamp is dark when the SRS XB23 is OFF.

Furthermore, there’s the Bluetooth status LED that begins flashing or glowing blue when, again, the speaker powers up, as we point out below.

Picture of the -Bluetooth Status- light glowing blue.
The -Bluetooth Status- lamp glowing blue.


How to Turn On Sony SRS XB23

To power up the SRS XB23, press the Power button. Then release after a quarter second or so.  Also, you needn’t hold it in for long for the unit to see your press and then turn itself on.

When the speaker boots, it may or may not make a beep sound.  But it does sound a ding-dong sort of beep pattern if it pairs to a nearby Bluetooth device.  However, if it pairs with nothing, then it makes no sound.

Now if pressing the Power button does not turn on the SRS XB23, or if the CHARGE light blinks orange, it could be that you need to recharge your speaker.

The orange glowing -CHARGE- light.
The -CHARGE- lamp glowing orange.

So if the unit won’t come on, try connecting a USB charger to it.  Yes, you can indeed play the XB 23 as it charges.

Now with a charger supplying power, this speaker should always turn on when you click the Power button.  If not, then the unit may not be getting any juice from the AC adapter.  So test that the receptacle for the power supply is live, that the adapter works, that the cable between it and the 23 is not frayed or cut, and that the charger plug is fully seated in the speaker’s USB-C port.

But if after all these checks the speaker still does not turn on, then the unit itself may be kaput. So in that case, get a new one.

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