Picture of the Victor Reader Trek GPS navigator and book player, front view, showing the numeric keypad, bookmark, bookshelf selectior, goto, sleep, and playback navigation buttons, along with the Wi-Fi status lamp and built In microphone.

How to Unpair the Victor Reader Trek eBook Reader from a Bluetooth Speaker

When you no longer wish your Victor Reader Trek eBook reader to route its audio output through to a Bluetooth speaker, you may break the Bluetooth connection by following any one of the steps listed next.  We of course, assume here that your Trek is currently paired with a Bluetooth speaker.

1. Power off the Speaker or the Victor Reader Trek

You may also unpair by powering off the Bluetooth speaker itself.  Turning off the Trek also severs the Bluetooth connection.

2. Turn off Bluetooth on the Trek

Press the *77 to re-enter the Bluetooth menu.  Then, press the 2 and 8 keys to navigate up and down in the list of Bluetooth options, until you find the Bluetooth ON / OFF option.  Use the 4 and 6 keys to choose the OFF option, and finally, press the # key to apply this, and actually turn the Bluetooth transceiver in the Trek off.  At this point, your speaker may announce that it has disconnected from VictorReader, and / or make some sort of sound to indicate that it has lost the connection.

3. Use the  Disconnect from Bluetooth Device  Option

Press *77 to enter the Bluetooth menu.  Then, press the 2 and 8 keys to scroll through the Bluetooth options until the Trek announces, “Disconnect from Bluetooth device.”  At that point, press the # key.  The Trek will then tell you the name of the device to which it’s currently connected.  Press # again tp break that connection.  The Trek then announces, “Disconnecting from <your device name>.”  Then, after a short pause, it says, “Disconnected from Bluetooth device.”

4. Move your Bluetooth Speaker Out of Range of the Trek

The normal range of a Bluetooth link is approximately thirty feet, although in practice, particularly when there are obstructions between the Trek and Bluetooth speaker, this distance will probably be significantly less.  So, simply walking the speaker or the Trek away from the other will sever the connection as well.

Note however that the next time you have the Victor Reader Trek and your Bluetooth speaker in range of each other and both turned on, they may automatically pair up again.  To stop this, tell the Trek to forget your speaker by using the  Forget Bluetooth Device  option in the Trek.  Key in *77 to the Trek keypad, and use the 2 and 8 keys to scroll through the options in the Bluetooth menu to locate this option.  Then, press the # key.  The Trek then presents a list of Bluetooth devices it has memorized.  Again, use the 2 and 8 navigation keys to move through this list until you find your speaker.  Then, press the # key.  The Trek then announces, “Bluetooth device forgotten.”

You may also listen to an audio recording we made   here   that illustrates how to pair and unpair the Trek from a typical Bluetooth speaker.

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