Picture of the iWorld iPod iPad Charger for the Car.

iWorld Car Charger Review

As avid mobile iPod users, we bought one of the iWorld iPhone iPod Car Charger   units.  We needed this more as our lot of mobile devices grew along with our like of playing them in the car.

But not riding every day, buying a $30 vehicle charger seemed silly.  That is, until this iWorld mobile charger came along.

Picture of the iWorld iPod iPad Charger for the Car.
iWorld iPod iPad Charger for the Car.

At less than $5 apiece, the iWorld car charger for Apple mobile phones and media players, fills the bill. It’s a cheap yet nice-quality car adapter. In fact, given the low price, no worries about losing it. Indeed, most can easily afford to replace it.

Benefits, Pros, Features and Advantages of this Mobile iWorld Car Charger

Quite Affordable

The iWorld Car charger costs much less than other adapters (one half the cost roughly).

Electrically Like iPod Stock Chargers

Charges iPods just as quickly and fully as the iPod stock AC wall US adapter.  It delivers the required 5 volts at 500 milliamps (MA).

Works on Most Apple Devices with Dock Connector

Charges all Apple devices that have the classic Apple dock connector include the following.

  • iPod Nano, up through the sixth generation.
  • The iPod Classic.
  • iPod with video.
  • iPhones up through generation four.
  • Older iPads.

This iWorld Car Charger Features a Durable Dock Connector

The dock connector seems to be of the same good quality as the original Apple stock iPod wall charger.  No giving up quality and durability, despite the low price.  Plus this one may be a bit easier to grab.

Cool Operation

While this charger becomes lukewarm when charging, it never becomes too hot. Not even close. They chose well the parts inside.  They easily handle the 500 MA max current draw of an iPod or iPhone while staying cool. A nicely built iPod accessory thus.

Great Emergency Charger 

Can charge phones at home in power outages, from 12 volt batteries.

Flexible Yet Rugged Cable

The cable between the switching power supply part and the Apple dock connector seems well built. It’s flexible yet sturdy. Fastens to iPods tightly, and forms a solid connection until you remove it.

Strain Relief Sleeves on this iWorld Car Charger

Find these at both ends of the springy coiled cable. So cable failure due to flexing is far less likely.

Makes a Great Gift

Older iPods and iPhones are still big these days.  So you can’t go wrong gifting one of these chargers to family and friends. These iWorld adapters are cheap and useful indeed.  Your “giftee” will probably use it a lot besides.

Good Voltage Regulation

Gives well-regulated 5-volt output.  Voltage stays steady, even during car speed-ups.  Holds it as well when the engine is OFF.

Little If Any RFI

We saw little radio interference static from this charger.

Replaceable Fuse

It is fuse-protected. You can easily access the fuse easily by screwing off the spring tip from its cigarette-lighter style plug.

Disadvantages, Cons, Problems, and Limitations of the iWorld iPhone, iPod, and iPad Car Charger 

Very Bright Power Light

The blue LED pilot lamp glows too brightly. It glows more brightly than many night lights. Not a problem in the car though. That is, unless the driver distracts easily by bright lights while driving at night.  Some do.

Hard to Find in Stores

We only see this iWorld car charger at Gabriel Brothers discount stores. Nice if the bigger retail chains began selling them, for the same price.

The Cable is Too Short

Short cable, at just roughly 44 inches long when fully stretched. A six-foot cable (72 inches) for accessory chargers, works best for us. But this is not a major issue. For the cheap price, we realize that we had to give up something.

Cable on this iWorld Car Charger Not Very Springy

While flexible, the cable does not return to its pre-stretched length right away after being fully extended.  But if you avoid stretching it too far and allow enough time, the cable usually does fully recoil.

Small, Easily Lost Parts in Fuse Holder

Be careful when changing the fuse. Why?  Because the spring loaded tip can fall out.  It’s small and easy to lose when you unscrew the top of this connector to reach the fuse.  They could fix this by attaching the tip to the ring that holds it in place.

Becoming Obsolete

Charges older Apple devices.  Does   not  charge iPhones and iPads that feature the newer lightning connector though.

But millions of older iPods, iPhones, and iPod Touch players are still out there. So chargers like this to power them are handy.  So this dock charger will likely stay useful for years to come.

Our Rating for this iWorld Car Charger

We like the quality yet low price of the iWorld iPhone iPod car charger.  So we suggest it to any iPod Nano, iPod Touch, or iPhone mobile user.  In fact, buy a couple.  That way, you have one nearby for backup.  Helps when stuck in a car on long trips with fading iPods. We thus rate this charger at 90 out of 100.

Where To Buy The iWorld iPhone Car Charger

Look for this iWorld charger car cord in the clear plastic case.  It has white and blue labeling. at Gabriel Brothers lots store.  Great buy for your older iPods and iPhones.

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