Picture of a card of J-B Weld Steel Reinforced Epoxy High Temperature Glue, Front View.

JB Weld Steel Epoxy 8265-H Review

JB Weld steel epoxy metal glue, for how strong it appears, is an affordable, low-odor bonding solution for many household and auto shop repair jobs that require high-temperature bonding and continued holding of parts together.

We use this product to repair “hot items” like the lid on our electric kettle, which we use multiple times per day.  Through all of that, this glue held true and strong for months so far, and counting.  At less than six dollars for the amounts pictured below, JB Weld might save hundreds of dollars by fixing broken cases, lids, speakers, bikes, and most any appliance that needs physical mending.

Picture of a card of JB Weld steel epoxy high temperature glue, front view.
JB Weld steel epoxy high temperature glue, front view of package.

Features, Benefits, Pros, and Advantages of JB Weld Steel Epoxy Glue


Only very little of this product is needed to achieve an extremely lasting bonding that hold up to exposure to water, high temperatures and high pressures.  We paid less than $6 for ours, and figure that in repairing our electric tea kettle, we more than got back that money, since we won’t have to buy a new $35 kettle anytime soon now that the lid is holding together so well.

Steel Reinforced Epoxy Product

“The steel,” tube presumably, contains ground up steel, which, also presumably, gives this epoxy product significantly more strength than other epoxies.

JB Weld Steel Epoxy is Easy to Mix Correctly

We just squeezed out equal parts (1:1) of the hardener and “the steel” on a piece of thick paper, as shown below.  Then, we stirred them together to form a medium-tone gray epoxy solution, also pictured below.  Since the steel and hardener solutions are different colors (black and white), getting a correctly proportioned mix is easier.  Just mix until you get a medium gray shade in the blended solution.

Exact Precision Mixing Not Needed

This product will still work well, even if you don’t precisely match the amount of hardener to the steel.  So long as you add enough hardener to start the hardening action, you’ll get decent bonding for most household applications.  However, for the absolute maximum strength and durability bonds, precise mixing amounts does great service to the gluing job.

Plenty of Time to Apply

Since the hardener does not begin to harden for at least fifteen to thirty minutes, you have lots of time after blending, to dab the glue onto the surfaces to be bonded.

High Strength Bonding

Its bond holds up to 3960 PSI (pounds per square inch) tensile strength.

Fast Setting and Curing

Sets in four to six hours, and completely cures (achieves full strength bonding) in fifteen to twenty-four hours.

JB Weld Steel Epoxy Bonds Without Clamping

Though moderately tight clamping probably works best at holding the glued surfaces still until curing is complete, clamping them with vices, vice grips, bar clamps, et al, is not necessary to achieve decent strength hold.  This is particularly true when gluing small, light-weight pieces such as our tea kettle lid.

Withstands High Heat

Our teal kettle lid has held together well for months so far, after gluing its pieces with this product.  The lid reaches temperatures just above the boiling point of water during operation, and is subject to steam pressure.  This two-part epoxy is rated to withstand 550 degrees Fahrenheit once fully dried.

Bonds Most Common Materials 

Securely bonds fiberglass, concrete, stainless steel, plastic, aluminum, PVC, ceramic, and wood.

Sandable, Drillable, Paintable

Once cured, you can finish the areas bonded just like you would with dried wood glue.  Cures to a dark gray shade that can be roughed up with sandpaper and then painted over for virtual invisibility.

JB Weld Steel Epoxy has Many Uses

  • Home repairs.
  • Tea pots.
  • Mugs,
  • Cups.
  • Electric kettles.
  • Griddles.
  • Skillets.
  • Ceramic tiles.
  • Toys.
  • Leaky pipes.
  • Exhaust manifolds.

You can mend all these with JB Weld epoxy.  You can also build things using this product to fasten parts together.

Long Shelf Life

The hardener and steel solutions remain liquid for years.  Just keep their tubes tightly closed and do not mix them together.

Easy to Buy

Available at most hardware stores, home improvement centers, and superstores nationwide.  Look for JB Weld in the black, red, and white packaging.

Picture of the J-B Weld Hardener and Steel, Solutions, Prior to Mixing on an old piece of cardboard.
J-B Weld Hardener and Steel, Prior to Mixing

Cons, Disadvantages, Problems, and Limitations of JB Weld Steel Epoxy

Can Get Messy

Wear appropriate clothing, and avoid getting either hardener or steel on furniture.  Difficult to remove.  Be careful of how vigorously you stir.  The black-colored steel component can splash droplets onto nearby furniture, curtains, and such.

Does Not Stand Up to Flexing Very Well

Works best when bonding rigid, non porous surfaces, that are not often flexed or bent very far.

No Quick Bonding Here

Understand that epoxy is not “super glue,” and therefore, does not, “bond in seconds.”  After pressing surfaces together, you should avoid handling or stressing them for at least six hours, and not expect a full strength bond for twenty-four hours.  Leave the glued objects be until curing is finished.

Picture of a pack of JB Weld steel epoxy back view, showing instructions, warnings, tips, and advice for use.
JB Weld steel epoxy, back view of the package, showing instructions, warnings, tips, and advice for use.

Our Rating for JB Weld Steel Epoxy

We found the product simple to mix and apply.  No exaggerations in its advertising; it did what it claimed to do, and we keep a set around for any unexpected appliance breakage.  Keep it around, for it can turn your average handyman into a top-notch magician.  We rate JB Weld at 97 out of 100 therefore, and recommend it be part of any homeowner’s toolkit.

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