Top view of the JBL Boombox BT speaker, showing the -Bluetooth- and -Volume Down-buttons.

JBL Boombox Bass Boost Explained

You can change how loud the bass is on the JBL Boombox, by turning on and off its bass boost mode. When switched on, this mode makes the passive bass radiators on the left and right edges of the speaker vibrate much more. Plus, this adds a low rumble quality to the playing program, that travels pretty far from the speaker.  You can also affect the amount of bass you hear by switching between the JBL Boombox’s Indoor and Outdoor modes. So, for you boom lovers, this post shows how to bass boost this speaker, to get that extra kick.

How to Turn Off Bass Boost on the JBL Boombox Speaker

Bass Boost Using Equalizer in the JBL Portable App

You can adjust how much bass the JBL Boombox 1 puts out in the Portable app, on this speaker’s Home page.  While there is unfortunately no equalizer in the app for this particular speaker, switching from Indoor to Outdoor mode does indeed increase the mid bass response on some music.  This increases bass particularly on older recordings we notice.

Screenshot of the Indoor button active on the JBL Boombox 1 Home page in the JBL Portable app.
The Indoor button active on the JBL Boombox 1 Home page in the JBL Portable app.

Now for maximum bass boost, according to our ears, tap the Outdoor control.  Now based on our reading, the Outdoor mode is supposed to cut back on the very deep bass and very high treble frequencies. Instead, the speaker emphasizes  mid bass up though the mid treble frequencies since these carry the farthest outdoors.  Plus, you may see longer battery life in Outdoor mode.

Screenshot of the Outdoor button active on the JBL Boombox 1 Home page in the JBL Portable app.
The Outdoor button active on the JBL Boombox 1 Home page in the JBL Portable app.

There’s also the Indoor / Outdoor button on the back of the speaker that you can press to switch between these two modes.

Rear view of the JBL Boombox speaker, highlighting the -Indoor Outdoor Mode- button.
JBL Boombox speaker, back view, highlighting the -Indoor Outdoor Mode- button.

We find two lamps near this button, one above and the other below it.  The one above looks like a little house (for Indoor mode) while the other looks like an evergreen tree (for Outdoor mode). The house glows in Indoor mode, and the tree lamp glows in Outdoor mode.

This speaker defaults to Indoor mode after a fresh reset.

Bass Boost Mode

By default, the Boombox has bass boost mode turned ON after a reset.  Note that this is different than Indoor / Outdoor mode.  This adds a bit of treble and lots of extra bass to the audio output as compared to when this mode is OFF.

Picture of the -Bluetooth- and -Volume Down-buttons.
The -Bluetooth- and -Volume Down-buttons.

How to Turn OFF Bass Boost

You can turn this extra bass mode OFF by pressing and holding in the Volume Down (-) and Bluetooth buttons as circled in green in the last picture above, for about ten seconds, until the Power and Connect Plus buttons both light briefly.  See these lamps pointed out in the next picture.

Top view of the -Power- and -Connect Plus- buttons glowing.
The -Power- and -Connect Plus- buttons glowing.

How to Turn On Bass Boost 

To activate bass boost once again, press and hold the Volume Down and Bluetooth buttons in until the Power and Connect Plus buttons light white.  Then release the buttons.  When the buttons inside the oval above both light for a second or two and then go off, bass boost has resumed once again.


The drivers really thump when you switch ON bass boost.  So take care in how loudly you play this speaker with the bass boosted, to avoid damage to the speaker drivers. If the bass is crackling, tapping, or otherwise distorting, turn it down !

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