Screenshot of the JBL Connect app, displaying the Charge 4 -Status- page, showing the new speaker name in effect.

JBL Charge 4 Hard Reset

These JBL Charge 4 hard reset instructions show how to hard reset this speaker.  Resetting puts the speaker back into its default state. Plus, it wipes any earlier paired devices from memory. This stops it from pairing to any nearby devices afterwards.

JBL Charge 4 Hard Reset: Step by Step

1. Turn on the JBL Charge 4

Press and release the Power button.  It should light up solid white right away.

Picture of the JBL Charge 4 top, showing the -Power- button.
The JBL Charge 4 top view, showing the -Power- button.

Find the Power button, pointed at by the green arrow in the last picture above.

Then, the Power button comes on, as shown next. Here, since we’ve paired the speaker with Bluetooth devices before this, it does not enter Bluetooth discovery mode by itself. We know that because the Bluetooth button remains OFF, rather than blinking white.  Note the dark Bluetooth button, to the right of the glowing Power button in the next picture.

Picture of the glowing -Power- button.
The glowing -Power- button.

2. Wait for the Power Up Sound

The speaker plays a rising electric guitar strum sound when it powers up. Then it is ready for hard resetting once this sound ends.

3. Press the Volume UP and Bluetooth Buttons Together

See the next picture to find the Bluetooth and UP Volume buttons.

Picture of the -Bluetooth- and -Volume UP- buttons.
The -Bluetooth- and -Volume UP- buttons.

The speaker then enters hard reset, as shown in the next picture. Note that both the Power and Bluetooth buttons and the egg shaped ring  that surrounds them.  All of these light up for a couple seconds during reset.  I.e. The ring and both buttons glow gray-white.

Picture of the -Bluetooth- and -Power- buttons along with the enclosing oval ring all glowing.
The -Bluetooth- and -Power- buttons along with the enclosing oval ring all glowing.

Then after a short pause, the JBL Charge 4 turns off. All lights go off, and it makes the power-down guitar sound.

The next picture shows the JBL Charge 4, powered down.  All buttons are dark.

Picture of the buttons panel when the speaker is OFF.
The buttons panel when the speaker is OFF.

4. Check that your JBL Charge 4 Did Hard Reset

Next, power on the speaker again, as we did in step 1 above.  In short, press and release the Power button.

Now this time, after hard reset, our speaker instantly comes up in Bluetooth discovery mode, as shown next. We did not have to press the Bluetooth button first.  Note that the Bluetooth button blinks to let you know that the speaker has entered Bluetooth discovery mode. When this button blinks or is dark, no connection is active. Indeed, we expect it not to pair to anything after a hard reset.

Picture of the -Bluetooth- button blinking on the JBL Charge 4.
The -Bluetooth- button blinking on the JBL Charge 4.

5. Done !

The JBL Charge 4 hard reset is now complete. Thus you may now pack it up for sale, or pair it again with your favorite Bluetooth devices.

Now again, the speaker will no longer automatically pair with any previously paired device. So you forget the JBL Charge 4 in the Bluetooth devices section of your source device settings.  Once you do that, then manually pair with that device again to refresh the connection info. Then any time that both speaker and that device have Bluetooth running, pairing with automatically happen again.

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