Picture of the JBL Flip 2 wireless speaker, showing its control button side. The speaker is powered On but not paired. The Bluetooth button is dark.

Flip 2 Reset Button Location

Here, we show the JBL Flip 2 reset button location on this speaker.  Then, we give a brief tutorial on how to use it. In summary, you press a button duo to reset the speaker back to default factory settings.

Unlike some other common BT speakers though, we find no single button on this unit named   Reset.  So, to clear this speaker, you use a button combination, found on the speaker’s control panel.

Finally, for an example of how this button chord press works, see our  JBL Flip 2 Reset Instructions  article.  See below for how to find the buttons that make up the reset button chord.

JBL Flip 2 Reset Button Location, Where to Find It

To start with,  find the  Phone  and Volume UP  buttons.  The  Phone  button is circled in the next picture, and is on the buttons panel side of the speaker, at twelve o’clock.  The Volume UP  button is to its right and below it, at three o’clock, as also circled in that photo.

Then, with the speaker running, press both of these buttons together, and hold them until the reset operation begins.

Picture of the JBL Flip 2 speaker button panel, with the -Volume UP- and -Phone- buttons circled.
JBL Flip 2 speaker button panel, with the -Volume UP- and -Phone- buttons circled.

After Pressing this Reset Button Chord

Next, the JBL Flip 2 reset wraps up quickly after depressing the  Phone-Plus  button combination. The Flip 2 then shuts down once it erases any Bluetooth connections in its memory.

Finally, reset the speaker when gifting or selling it.  Or after a factory reset, pair it again with your favorite Bluetooth source devices.  The two-button chord makes it a bit complicated to accidentally reset the speaker, although for some, resetting in this way can exasperate.

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