Picture of the top front of the JBL Flip 6 speaker.

JBL Flip 6 Won’t Turn On

When your JBL Flip 6 speaker won’t turn on, this could be due to one or more issues.  First, your speaker might be broken and not repairable. Or the battery is dead and needs recharging.  Furthermore, if the battery won’t charge, then the battery itself may be bad, or your charger or AC power source might be faulty. Or, you accidently put your speaker into service mode a.k.a. secret or weird mode.  So, assuming that all the hardware and software in your speaker is still okay, we cover here the most common causes and easiest fixes for this problem, to restore correct speaker operation.

Picture of the left front of the JBL Flip 6 portable speaker.
Left front view of the JBL Flip 6 portable speaker.

JBL Flip 6 Won’t Turn On Causes

The Battery is Dead

When this happens, pressing the Power button does not turn on the speaker.  So none of the other buttons work either. Indeed, you may notice for a little prior to this, that the battery meter flashed red, indicating that the battery was about to run out of power. And if you kept playing the speaker without recharging it, then you might have completely run the battery dead.  Thus the speaker does not power up at all now.

Picture of the red light flashing on the JBL Flip 6 speaker.
The red light flashing on the JBL Flip 6 speaker.

To fix this, simply recharge the 6.  You should notice that almost right away after connecting the charger, that the battery meter starts blinking white, and soon after that, pressing the Power button does indeed turn on the speaker.

The Battery Has Failed

After roughly a thousand charges and discharges, the battery begins losing its ability to accept a full charge.  And eventually, its capacity shrinks so much, that it can no longer take on enough charge to power the speaker, even for a short time, without the charger.  Thus again, you may see that the JBL Flip 6 is won’t turn on, as the battery is constantly dead, even after charging.

So to fix this problem, replace the battery.

The Charger or Cable is Faulty

Anything that prevents the speaker from taking on a good charge can cause this won’t turn on problem.  E.g. The lights won’t come on, nor will you hear the signature JBL speaker startup sounds.  This could be due to a faulty charger.  Indeed, if you can’t recharge the speaker, then you won’t be able to power it up, and thus, it won’t turn on.

The solution here is to try a known-good charger and / or cable. You can do this easily since USB chargers and cords are so readily available these days online and at electronic and larger brick-and-mortar stores.

The Speaker is in Service Mode

First, when in this (often called ‘weird’ or ‘secret’) mode, the Flip 6 JBL speaker does not turn on unless you connect a power adapter. Thus, it will not run on the internal battery while in Service mode.  Furthermore, when you do apply outside power, it powers up without you pressing the Power button.  I.e. It comes on as soon as you apply power to the USB-C charging port on the side of the speaker.

Further, you cannot turn off the Flip 6 while it is in Service mode, unless you disconnect the charger. And then, it powers off without even pressing the Power button.  So when this service mode is active, the Power button appears to not work.

Indeed, none of the buttons work in Service mode, except for the ones that end service mode.  E.g. The speaker won’t pair with any devices or other speakers when you press the Pairing button, and as stated, the Power button does not switch it off either.

How You Might Have Accidently Turned On Service Mode

This is what you may have done at some point just prior to this issue showing up… To turn on this Service mode, power up the speaker first, and then press the Bluetooth and Play-Pause buttons at the same time, until the unit shuts OFF, which usually takes ten seconds or so.

Find these buttons that we point out in the next picture. Note that you can enter this mode as long as the speaker is ON, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s connected to external power or not.

Picture of the Play-Pause and Bluetooth buttons on the JBL Flip 6 speaker.
The Play-Pause and Bluetooth buttons on the JBL Flip 6 speaker.

How to Turn off Service Mode

Now you can restore proper operation by exiting this mode. But note that when this Service mode is in effect, then to switch it OFF again, you must connect external power once more. Why?  Because when in Service mode, the JBL Flip 6  won’t come on without outside power. And you can’t change modes without powering up the unit first.  So, you need a USB-C power adapter to deactivate Service mode.

  1. So, connect your speaker to external power. Next, the speaker comes on.
  2. Then, with the speaker Power button glowing, you press and hold the Bluetooth and Play-Pause button combo for ten seconds or so, until the unit powers off.
  3. Finally, normal speaker operation returns.

Finally, at this point, the speaker should turn ON again, whether or not you connect the AC adapter.

The Speaker is Defective

Finally, the electronics inside the Flip 6 may have fried.  The USB charging port may be broken.  Or the power switch itself could be worn out.  In these cases, unless you have skill repairing wireless speakers, your best bet is just to get a new one.

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