Right Side View of the JBL Go 3 Speaker, Showing the -Power- Button Highlighted.

JBL Go 3 Power Button Not Working Fix

When the JBL Go 3 power button is not working, you may have at least one  of the following problems. We have much success fixing speakers like this one with these solutions.

    1. Dead Battery.  The internal battery is dead. So recharge it with a commercially available USB charger.
    2. Faulty AC Adapter.  The power adapter charger is defective.  So replace it with a charger that delivers 5 volts, at 1.0 amps (5 watts).
    3. Faulty USB-C Input Port.  The DC input port, cracked, corroded, or otherwise damaged. So replace this if you have the skills.
    4. Battery at End of Life. That battery no longer recharges due to excessive age, repeated overcharging. Very long storage without recharging, storage in temperature extremes, or simply heavy use can also degrade it. For this problem, replace the battery with one that delivers 3.8 volts at 800 milliamp hours (30.04 watt-hours).
    5. Dirty Button Contacts.  The button panel has dirt, sand, or other debris inside.  This can prevent the Power button from making good contact when you press it. To fix this, clean the switches by taking apart the unit. Then blow, brush out, and polish the contacts.
    6. The Button Panel is Faulty.  The switch panel is defective, and the solution here is to replace it. These parts are often available at eBay.
    7. Bad Speaker. Your speaker is defective. If you decide that this is the case, then the best bet is just to get a new speaker.
Picture of the Echo Dot 4 clock speaker alongside a JBL Go 3.
The Echo Dot 4 clock speaker alongside a JBL Go 3.

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