Picture of the dark -Power- button on the JBL Flip 6 speaker.

JBL Power Button Not Working Fix

When the Power button on your JBL is not working, this likely means one or more things.  This post covers JBL speakers including the Flip, Charge, Xtreme, and Boombox lines.  Now in any of those models, one or more of the following causes may be the reason the power button does not work.

    1. The button mechanisms may have sand, dirt, or other debris in them. To fix, take the speaker apart if so inclined, and blow, brush, or polish switch contacts if you can get to them.
    2. Your charger cord is defective. To resolve this, swap in a working charger for the suspected bad one. The speaker should then power up once more.
    3. The battery inside no longer recharges due to age, over charging, or heavy use. To solve this, replace the battery.
    4. Your JBL is broken beyond repair. In this case, get a replacement unit.
    5. For models that have Service Mode, you may have accidently put your JBL into service mode a.k.a. secret or weird mode.

So, assuming that all the hardware and software in your speaker is undamaged, we cover here the last possibility. Thus, we describe below how to get your JBL out of service mode, and restore proper operation.

JBL Service Mode Explained

First, when in this (often called ‘weird’ or ‘secret’) mode, the speaker does not power ON unless you connect an external power source such as an AC charger adapter. Thus, it will not run on the internal battery while in Service mode.  Furthermore, when you do apply outside power, it powers ON without you pressing the Power button.  I.e. It comes on as soon as you apply power to the DC input port on the speaker.

Also, you cannot turn off the JBL while it is in Service mode, unless you disconnect the external power source. And then, it powers off without pressing the Power button.  So when this service mode is active, the Power button appears to not work.

Finally, none of the buttons seem to work in Service mode, except for the ones needed to exit service mode.  E.g. The speaker won’t pair with any devices or other speakers when you press the Pairing button, and as mentioned, the Power button does not switch it off either.

How to Enter This Service Mode

This is what you may have done by accident at some point just prior to your speaker’s Power button not working… To turn on this Service mode, power up the JBL first. And then press the Connect+ and Volume UP buttons at the same time, until the speaker powers OFF, which usually takes ten seconds or so. Note that newer speakers may use a different button combination to start up this mode.  So find out how to do this on your particular JBL speaker. In this case, we’re demoing this on the first version of the JBL Boombox speaker.

So for that speaker, find these buttons pointed out in the next picture. Note that you can enter this mode as long as the speaker is ON, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s connected to external power or not.  Also note that these buttons are very close to (beside) each other.  So it’s easy to press them both by accident, especially with the Volume Up button is such a popular control. But remember that once in this mode, you won’t be able to exit it without first connecting the external charger cable.

Top view of the JBL Boombox speaker, showing the -Connect Plus- and -Volume Up- buttons.
JBL Boombox speaker, top view, showing the -Connect Plus- and -Volume Up- buttons.

How to Fix the Power Button Not Working on the JBL

Now you can restore correct operation by disabling this mode. But note that when this Service mode is in effect, then to switch it back off, you must connect external power again. Why?  Because when in Service mode, the speaker won’t power up without outside power. But you can’t change modes without switching on the unit first.  Thus, you need the AC adapter to make this fix.

    1. So, connect your JBL to AC power and turn on the speaker.
    2. Then, with the speaker Power button glowing, you press and hold the Connect+ and Volume UP button combo for ten seconds or so, until the unit powers off.
    3. Then, normal speaker operation returns.

Finally, at this point, the Power button should work again, whether or not you connect the power supply.

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