Picture of Lysol Power Foam Bathroom Cleaner, 24 ounce can, front view.

Lysol Foam Bathroom Cleaner Review

Fast acting.  Low odor.  Economical.  Low skin irritation.  Hard to rinse.  These phrases describe Lysol Power Foam Bathroom Cleaner.

Indeed, in spite of its seemingly inert-smelling formula, we noted very rapid cleaning performance. We’ve used this spray for a year or so, and found it to work wonders in our home.  It removes tough soap scum, hard water and rust stains, and pot marks from the kitchen and bathroom sinks. Only a fresh scent remains.  The aroma shouts “very clean” to anyone nearby.  Then the scent fades quickly, so as not to grow obnoxious.

While we found this sink and shower multi surface cleaner somewhat hard to rinse, it well dissolved soap scum, tooth paste spatters, and mold and mildew odors, virtually on contact wherever we sprayed it.  But for added sterilization, we waited a couple minutes before rinsing.  This spray is among the best tub, sink, and shower cleaners we tested.

Picture of Lysol Power Foam Bathroom Cleaner, 24 ounce can, front view.
Lysol Power Foam Bathroom Cleaner, 24 ounce can, front view.

Lysol Foam Bathroom Cleaner: Pros, Features, Benefits, and Advantages

Buy Most Anywhere

We never have trouble finding this product. Indeed we see it all the time at Walmart, Giant Eagle, Hometown Market, Cub Foods, Sam’s Club, Lowe’s, and other major grocery stores.

No Gloves Needed for Casual Cleaning

Is Lysol safe?  Well, it may irritate the skin if left on it for more than a minute or two. But we accidentally got it on a few hand cuts.  Yet surprisingly, it did not burn or hurt much at all.  It appears quite mild to handle. But it’s highly effective on soap scum and other bathroom dirt and germs.

Drip Free Spray Nozzle

With other similar products, we often must wipe the sprayer off while spraying.  This prevents the bubbles and fluid from streaming down the side of the can.

Not so with this disinfectant though.  After nearly a full minute of spraying, the nozzle stayed nearly mess free. But if any does run, the sprayer and lid capture it.  They keep it away from the can sides until it dries.

Lysol Foam Bathroom Cleaner Sprays Even Upside Down

Spray on while holding the can at any angle.  This is way better than other aerosol bathroom cleaners.  These often require upright and slightly tilted can holding.

Cleans Well the First Time

Rarely must you apply this spray cleaner a second time.  Why?  Because it almost always gets out even the toughest soils the first time.

Antibacterial Agent

As an antibacterial cleaner, this power cleaner yields near-sterile surfaces. Thus, it reduces the spread of infections when used regularly. So you needn’t follow up with a germ killing spray.

Lysol Foam Bathroom Cleaner Removes Mold and Mildew

Spray Lysol foam bathroom cleaner on mildewed vinyl shower curtains while they hang.  Then let stand for a minute or two. Then rinse with hand held shower sprayer.  Finally, spray and rinse them once every week or two. This keeps these curtains mildew and mold free.  Effective against wspergillus niger (mold & mildew).

Leaves Bathroom Smelling Clean and Deodorized

The can says that it kills 99.9 percent of bacteria and viruses.  These include the odor-causing ones, along with escherichia coli 0157:H7, rhinovirus type 39, staphylococcus aureus, and rotavirus WA. You get the best antibacterial cleaning on hard, non-porous surfaces.

Eliminates Most Bathroom Cleaning Toil

Once this product softens the grub in the tub, wipe with a damp cloth. This is often enough to clean the surface.  Cleansers though, often need more elbow grease for this sort of soapy dirt. Once applied, wait just long enough for the bubble fizzing to slow before wiping away.

Well Suited for Tubs and Shower Stalls

Works very well on glass shower doors that become quite dirty with coated layers of soap scum; particularly in hard water regions. We also tried it on the bathroom mirror which often sports the soiling of days of tooth brushing splatter. Worked great, without smearing.

Lysol Foam Bathroom Cleaner is Versatile

This foaming spray also gets rid of tobacco smoke stains from ceiling tiles.

But when cleaning any surface other than those in modern bathrooms and kitchens, be sure to test first.  Test by cleaning a hidden area of the surface first.  If you see no changes in color or shine, then it’s probably safe to use on the entire surface.

Watch it Working

Hear its foaming action working as you spray it on.  Takes less than a minute to completely loosen most stuck-on scum, dust, and dirt. Reapply to stubborn areas as needed.

Will Not Scratch or Etch Shiny Metal Surfaces

It does not scratch or otherwise harm chrome faucet finishes. So spray it with reckless abandon on just about all bathroom surfaces on the sink or shower.

Unique Aroma

Whatever the smell is, it smacks of clean.  It’s a unique smell to Lysol, who calls it  Island Breeze.

Rinses off with Water

We drench a clean rag with fresh water, then wipe over cleaned areas to remove this product.  A bit hard to rinse quickly. But after several cloth wring-outs, we got it all off.

Recyclable Packaging

The spent steel can may be recycled.

Lysol Foam Bathroom Cleaner is Economical

We get anywhere from nine to eighteen bathroom cleanings from one 24-ounce can.  So, at about $4 per can, this Lysol cleaner is cheap as well as effective.

Back view picture of the can.
Back view of the can.

Lysol Foam Bathroom Cleaner: Disadvantages, Cons, Limitations, and Concerns

Near Constant Can Shaking Needed While Applying

You must shake the can thoroughly prior to spraying as well as throughout spraying. When spraying, we stop and shake every ten seconds or so.  This assures that you’re getting the highest amounts of cleaning agents from the can.

Hard to Rinse

Lysol foam bathroom cleaner leaves a slippery film behind that can be hard to get out with water and rags.  Not a problem in the tub though.  Why?  Because there, you can rinse with lots of water.  Use either a cup filled from the tub faucet, or a hand-held shower head.  So, use lightly where you can’t dump lots of H2-O over the area after cleaning.

Picture of Lysol foam bathroom cleaner, applied to vanity sink. Note the foaming action.
Lysol foam bathroom cleaner, applied to vanity sink. Note the foaming action.

Lysol Power Foam Bathroom Cleaner: Our Rating

Lysol Power Foam bathroom cleaner is a real labor cutter.  Much easier compared to the years of our cleaning with cleansers and abrasive cleaners. We like the low-odor profile yet are amazed at how well this cleaner cleans with such low smell.  So we highly recommend it, and rate this cleaner at 96 out of 100.  It well carries on the great tradition of Lysol cleaning products.

Where to Buy Lysol Foam Bathroom Cleaner

Look for the blue and white can with the blue text and blue spray nozzle cap. Find it at your favorite grocery stores and home centers.  We bought ours at Walmart.

Picture of a vanity Sink after cleaning with this product. Spiffy and shiny.
Vanity Sink after cleaning with this product. Spiffy and shiny.

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