Picture of BPI Mighty Plugs Ear Plugs in supplied plastic case and jar.

Mighty Plugs Ear Plugs Review, Beeswax Earplugs

Due to a strong distaste of distracting and or unexpected noises, I’ve sought and found relief by using   Mighty Plugs Ear Plugs   from  Beneficial Products Incorporated (BPI).

These ear plugs to be the most effective aid, dollar for dollar, than anything else tested, to significantly reduce traffic noise from the boulevard that is at most 25 feet from the house.  We’ve tried numerous other DIY molded, self-shaping, and pre-shaped ear plugs during our 30 years of big-city living, in close quarters with frequently noisy neighbors.  But none work better than the BPI Mighty Plugs earplugs.  When inserted properly, Mighty Plugs all but stop any noises entering the head through the ear canal including wind noise while riding motorcycles, snoring, loud music next door, and piercing gun bangs, and thus, can significantly alleviate the stress and harmful effects from otherwise uncontrollable noise pollution.  We love these plugs.

Mighty Plugs Ear Plugs Benefits, Features, Pros, and Advantages

Comfortable Fit

After growing used to them, we found them quite comfortable; almost as though there was nothing in the ears at all.

Easy to Put In and Take Out

Inserting and removing the Mighty Plugs is quick and painless once we took some days to develop the skill of putting them in and taking them out.

These Wax Earplugs Stay In All Night

Consistently this hearing protection stays put in the ear all night long, through even the most agitated sleeping, unlike the foam ear plugs, that pop out all too frequently.

No Skin Irritation from these Mighty Plugs Ear Plugs

Due to the hypoallergenic ingredients and materials, skin or ear irritation is not likely.  They’re comprised of mostly natural ingredients such as beeswax and cotton with a bit of lanolin too.

They Last for Months

BPI says that they have a shelf life of twenty years and can be worn thirty or forty times before replacement.  We’ve worn mine close to a hundred times without any noticeable reduction in sound-reducing effectiveness. It’s time to replace them when they become too small (from slow erosion of the beeswax due to repeated insertions and removals).  They wear down quite slowly if handled gently and subjected to little abrasion.

About as Good as Custom Made Earplugs

Mighty Plugs can be fashioned and hand molded to fit the unique curves and crevices of each ear of the individual person wearing them.  This further increases the degree and reliability of their effectiveness.

These Mighty Plugs Ear Plugs Offer Amazing Reduction in Snoring Sounds

Even at summer camp, in a cabin with five other snoring campers, we had no trouble getting to sleep wearing these BPI earplugs.  Now we could still hear the snoring and occasional door slams and shouts, but at such a reduced, whisper-level volume that sleep still came easily and quickly.  Definitely a tool that will help save your marriage if you’re fighting with your mate because of her snoring.  If you can’t eliminate snoring at the source, then Mighty Plugs are the next best thing for dealing with it.

The Louder the Sound, the More these Earplugs Reduce It

These beeswax ear plugs attenuate those loud and sudden noises such as what’s heard on the shooting range or in the musicians pit on stage.  Drummers and guitarists standing directly in front of their PA speakers benefit most from the wax-cotton composition of Mighty Plugs.

Economical and Thus, Affordable

While these ear plugs might be considered initially expensive (approximately $3 per pair but less if you buy the quantity value packs); well worth the cost.  They’ve saved us many dollars in treatment costs for stress-related ailments.


As noted earlier, you can use these repeatedly for a month or more.  But once they become too small to adequately shield you from distracting and unnerving noises, don’t throw them away!  You can combine two or more of them together to make one full-sized ear plug, just like you would mold  dough.

Picture of BPI Mighty Plugs Ear Plugs, back view, showing usage directions.
BPI Mighty Plugs Ear Plugs, back view, showing usage directions.

Mighty Plugs Ear Plugs Drawbacks, Cons, Disadvantages, Problems, Limitations, and Concerns

Hard to Find in Brick and Mortar Sleep Aid Shops

We’ve only seen these available for sale at the manufacturer’s web site and a few other online vendors, links to which we’ve provided below.

Sometimes Too Much Ear Pressure

Since we sleep on either the left or right side, one ear is always face down, pressed against the pillow with the weight of your head as a pressure source.  Having any ear plug inserted the pillow-facing ear can create a pressing sensation in your ear that requires some weeks to become completely accustomed to.  Perhaps if they made these a bit softer, this would improve their comfort in those first days of wearing them.

The Mighty Plugs Ear Plugs are Easily Soiled

Fortunately, each order you buy comes with a small, sealed snap-top plastic jar to put your Mighty Plugs in, which protects them and keeps them clean.  However, clean plugs is not really a luxury, but rather a necessity.  Any dust, sand, or dirt particles tends to stick to the beeswax.  So it’s important for continued ear safety, to put these earplugs back in this protective case when not wearing, to avoid this contamination; which can not only impact wearing comfort, but also endanger your ear health.

At First Hard to Insert, Until you Get the Hang of It

These ear plugs can initially be difficult to properly insert; more difficult than foam ear plugs.  It took several weeks of practice before we finally got it right, and experienced the most sound attenuation these ear plugs are capable of.  However, this may not indicate any problem with the ear plug itself, as many also do not learn to tie their shoes until several years after their contemporaries had.

Gradually Shrink and Thus, Lose Their Quieting Effectiveness

These ear plugs gradually lose their mass (and size) over time, as some of the waxy material is left behind in the ear upon removal.  It has a slight sticky feel that requires robust ear cleaning to completely remove.  Still though Mighty Plugs last between forty and fifty wears.  If they’re not too dirty at that time, you can knead them into a fresh pair, so that none of the cottony beeswax material is wasted.  Plus, when you do this, you get a bigger pair of earplugs as a result, that work to quiet the noise even better.

Our Rating for the Mighty Plugs Ear Plugs

We highly recommend Mighty Plugs Ear Plugs.  They’re pretty easy to insert and remove, last through perhaps thirty to forty applications each, and they’ve helped save our sanity in noisy living environments since 2007.  So we’d rate them at 98 out of 100 therefore.

Where To Buy Mighty Plugs Ear Plugs

Look for them on the official Might Plugs site, or at amazon.com, or other online vendors, and get that good night’s sleep that’s becoming so elusive for many these days due to ambient noise pollution.  Shut out that incessant din with these ear plugs.  While no ear plug can stop all noise from entering the ears (especially that which enters through the surrounding skull area), Mighty Plugs Ear Plugs definitely reduce most common noise pollutants from entering via the ear canal, which wins practically all the battle against those irritating and distracting sounds.

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