Picture of the Radio Shack 12500 NOAA Cube Weather Radio, Operating, Antenna Extended.

NOAA Weather Stream WNG589, Altoona, PA

We’ve set up a NOAA weather radio audio stream that carries weather station WNG589.  This station broadcasts from Blair County, PA and covers the counties of Blair, Huntington, Cambria, and Bedford.  Furthermore, this all hazards station broadcasts on a frequency of 162.425 Mhz., weather channel 2. It also has a power output of 300 watts.  Further, the reports come from Innovation Park in State College, PA.  Plus, folks with properly set weather radios in range will get alerts when severe weather approaches.

Picture of the Radio Shack Portable Weather Radio 12-522, showing the Front View.
Radio Shack Portable Weather Radio 12-522, Front View

At last, if there’s enough demand, we hope to add this stream to the various internet radio directories. Then, we’d like to make it available on the Alexa, Google Home, and Google Nest smart speakers.  So listen up, and listen long!

Listen to NOAA Weather Stream WNG589 

Follow the links listed next, to hear weather station WNG589 in Blair County, PA.  Note that these stream links may change from time to time.  So check back here should the link you’ve bookmarked or saved stop working.

  1. http://icecast001.dynu.net/weather.mp3

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