Picture of the Pelonis Electric Radiator Heater HO-0250H, front view.

Pelonis Electric Radiator Heater, 7 Fin, Oil-Filled, #HO-0260 Review

This Pelonis™ Electric Radiator Heater, 7 Fin, Oil-Filled, #HO-0260 works well for heating a whole room, with its low-profile, thin and tall design, fits into corners, between furniture pieces, under most windows, and functions well as a bathroom heater if appropriate ground fault outlet protection is provided.  It blasts most of its heat upwards, to reduce dangers of overheating walls, upholstered furniture, and people sitting near it.  Follow the safe-operating instructions in the included users guide.

We purchased this heater to warm the bedroom in our ground level apartment.  Cheap price, at $26.00 on sale at Walmart, this electric heater, performs the same as most other 1500 watt radiators we’ve tried.  Very similar to the HO-0250 sold in past years, although the price of this newer model is nearly one third less than the older one.  It provides a slowly-rising, silent, gentle warming, can roll from spot to spot on its plastic casters to those particularly drafty, chilly areas as needed, and the enclosed heating element and electrical components, assure that virtually no chance of oil spillage, electrical shock, or severe burns from directly touching the sealed heating element will happen.  Very safe.  This radiator features widely spaced caster wheels that minimize knock-over risks.  Should it fall, this model contains a tip-over protective switch that shuts off the heater.  Cool down then, occurs rapidly.

Benefits, Pros, Advantages, and Features of the Pelonis Electric Radiator Heater, 7 Fin, Oil-Filled, #HO-0260

Safety Tip-Over Switch

This safety switch cuts power if the heater falls over (is not standing straight up).

Durable Heater-Thick Power Cord

They kept this cable short enough to reduce tripping hazards, but long enough to reach from the heater to most nearby wall outlets.  Avoid running this appliance on an extension cord.  Plug only into an outlet that tightly grips the plug prongs, for best, safest connections.

Cord Keeper

A circular power cord holder appears at the bottom of the front (control) panel.  The cord may be wrapped around this roll when not using the heater.

Built In Thermostat

An adjustable mechanical thermostat regulates the room temperature to within several degrees of the set point, once the desired heating power level has been chosen.

Energy Saving

Heats up a single, large room, allowing you to turn down the primary furnace for the whole house, and heat more of just the areas you wish.

Simple Setup

Four wing nuts attach the two sets of two wheel casters each to the underside of the unit.  Do not operate this heater without these pieces correctly installed.

Oil Filled

The oil inside submerges the heating element, for even heat distribution throughout the convective fins.

Three Power Levels

You can choose either 600, 900, and 1500 watt heating power levels via the four position power selector switch on the control panel.

Thermal Overheating Protection

This electric oil heater includes sensors that automatically shut off power to the heating elements, should an over-temperature condition arise.

Pilot Light

The orange neon pilot lamp glows whenever the heater is switched on.

Caution Light

The Pelonis heater caution light illuminates if the heater becomes overheated.

Simple to Use

The control panel features two controls (OFF, LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH power switch, and the knob-style thermostat), and two lamps (the power pilot lamp and the Caution lamp).

Carrying Handle

Find this near the top of the front panel. It supports easy pulling / rolling of this Pelonis heater to new locations, even when turned on.

Polarized Power Plug

Added protection against electric shock.  However, this is a two-prong outlet.  So, you don’t need those three-to-two prong adapters to connecting this Pelonis electric space heater to mains power.

Plastic and Painted Outer Parts

These non-metallic knobs and coatings on the heating fins help reduce risks of severe burns and electrical shock.

Quiet Operation

This Pelonis electric oil filled heater makes little noise, except for the occasional snaps, cracks, clicks, and pops as it heats up when first activated.  However, once warm, these sounds disappear, and all that you might hear, is the clicking action of the thermostat, switching the heating element on and off as it regulates the surrounding room temperature.

Typical Power Draw for Portable Home Heaters

This Pelonis radiator runs from standard 120 volts AC, and draws 12.5 amps maximum.  So it can operate from any correctly wired circuit in the home that is rated 15 amps or more.

Safe for Bedrooms

As with all pelonis electric heaters, you may set this one up safely where people sleep.  Why?  No fumes.  It runs on electricity, and not natural or propane gas.

ETL and RoHS Compliant

These standards promote ease of use and enhanced safety of the heater.


We bought this Pelonis electric oil filled radiator heater at Walmart for under $30.

Disadvantages, Cons, Problems, Limitations, and Concerns for the Pelonis Electric Radiator Heater, 7 Fin, Oil-Filled, #HO-0260

Thermostat Clicks

For those sensitive to noises in the bedroom while attempting sleep, this Pelonis space heater indeed clicks as the thermostat turns on and off the heating elements.  We found this to be a non issue.

However, some might not be as forgiving. So turn the thermostat fully left and fully right before you buy.  Listen to it while it clicks.  Unless the store you’re in is very cold, this will actuate the thermostat contacts.  So you can hear how loud this clicking sound will be if you take the heater home.

Oil Filled Heaters are Heavy

We carried one of these Pelonis space heaters in our suit case on a 100-mile train ride.  Yep.  Weighty.

Longer Heat Up Times

By no means instant heat.  Being oil-filled, this Pelonis whole room radiator heater takes ten to twenty minutes to begin emitting its maximum heat output, as the oil inside takes a while to reach full temperature.


The outer surfaces grow way too hot to touch while operating.  So, keep away.  Avoid direct contact with skin while the heater is on; especially when running it at full (1500 watt) power output.

Strong Smells when Turned On for First Time

The overpowering scent of paint / plastic lasted for nearly the first week after putting into service.  However, with repeated use, this odor eventually went away.  We “burned in” the heater outdoors on the porch, in a dry location, for several hours, before running it inside for the first time.  This helps dry up any still-damp paint and coatings.

Our Rating

It’s easily moved around via its pulling handle, without fear of burning our fingers.  We found the Pelonis™ simple to clean.  When it’s cold, just wipe around and between the fins every month or two, to remove dust and minimize start-up odors in the fall.

This whole room yet portable space heater very well heated our living areas when combined with the primary furnace heating system there.  It outputs 5200 BTUs when set to 1500 watts output, which is fine for small to medium-sized rooms with decently insulated walls and windows.  For more drafty locations however, you may need two or more of these.

We appreciated how inexpensive this heater was and how simple it was to assemble and operate.  So, we’d rate it at 95 out of 100.  It’s a high-quality, useful household appliance.

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